Abhinav Chauhan

Dr. Abhinav Chauhan is Director & C.E.O. of Kunstocom (India) Ltd., where he has worked tirelessly towards bringing changes in the production facility. Today, entrepreneurs from even other countries come to Kunstocom for Benchmarking. It is an innate passion for Dr. Chauhan to use Information Technology and cost effective techniques in manufacturing.

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Enhancing Production

Enhancing Production

By : Abhinav Chauhan , Sanjeev Bansal & Ajay Rana

ISBN : 9789384588335

Price : 32.00

Discount : 20%

Discount Price : 25.60

Binding : Hardback

Pages : 138

Weight : 0.35   kg

© Year : 2015

“The book most successfully tackles the versatile area of production engineering, system engineering, software engineering and integrated product and process development. Statistical product control for software ......

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