Alapati Suryanarayana

is a retired professor and Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, NIT Rourkela, India. He has B.Tech, M.S., Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering. He is author of Outlines of Chemical Instrumentation and Process Control, Mass Transfer Operations and Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. The author has also published forty papers.
After NIT, Rourkela, he served as Professor and HOD of Chemical Engineering, RRS College of Engineering and Technology (Hyderabad) and Principal of TRRECW (Hyderabad, India).

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Chemical Engineering Mathematics

Chemical Engineering Mathematics

By : Alapati Suryanarayana

ISBN : 9789390620531

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Pages : 382

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© Year : 2021

This book covers the applications of Mathematics in Chemical Engineering and other fields. Theoretical part is summarized in the beginning of the chapters, so that the reader does not have to refer other books of ......

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