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Alfred Steinle (b. 1936) turned Hahn's lecture notes into a manuscript in the early 1970s, which then became the starting point for this book. After a number of years in bridge-building, Alfred Steinle also became heavily involved in precast concrete construction at Zublin. His theoretical work covered bridge-building with torsion and section deformations in box-girder bridges and in precast concrete structures within the scope of the 6M system with corbels, notched beam ends and pocket foundations. In addition, he was a key figure in many precast concrete projects such as the 6M schools, the University of Riyadh, schools with foamed concrete wall panels in Iraq, Zublin House and the construction of a modern automated precasting plant. Alfred Steinle retired in 1999 and by that time he had risen to the post of authorised signatory in the engineering office at Zublin headquarters.

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Precast Concrete Structures

Precast Concrete Structures

By : Hubert Bachmann & Alfred Steinle

ISBN : 9783433029602

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Binding : Paperback

Pages : 272

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© Year : 2011

The book reflects the current situation in precast concrete construction. Besides general observations regarding building with precast concrete elements, the book focuses first and foremost on the boundary conditions ......

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