Ishita Kirar

is a dynamic speaker, Author and coach who have built her platform of culinary and bakery experiments and well being on the back of 14 years in Bakery and confectionery career with a Fortune more than 8 organizations. She is Lecturer and Food Production Incharge in IHM, Faridabad. She has 4 years degree from BHMCT and MTM degree with specialization in bakery. 

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Textbook of Culinary and Bakery World

Textbook of Culinary and Bakery World

By : Ishita Kirar

ISBN : 9789386768889

Price : 35.00

Discount : 20%

Discount Price : 28.00

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 384

Weight : 0.45   kg

© Year : 2020

Culinary means connected with cooking or kitchen and bakery a place where bread and cakes are made. Culinary and bakery is an art as well as a science, and mastery in baking kitchen allows the bakers to be creative in ......

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