Man Singh

Man Singh earned his PhD in area of thermodynamics of structured liquid mixtures from Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi (1987), and did postdoctoral work from School of Polymer Chemistry, Kyoto University (2007-2008), Japan. He has taught physicochemical sciences in Bahir Dar University Ethiopia (1999-2001), undergone an intensified course of ';molecular self-assemblies' conducted by department of chemistry, Delaware university USA (2007), training course on fundamentals of NMR in Zurich Switzerland (2012), 09 Gaussian Ulm Germany (2014). In the year 2009, he joined Central University of Gujarat as Professor of Chemistry and is a Founder Professor and Dean, School of Chemical Sciences, Central University of Gujarat. Prof. Singh as Visiting Professor has introduced the Molecular Interaction Engineering, a special curriculum to Masters Students in Universytet Kardynala Stefana Warsaw' Poland from September 2015 to November 2015.
He has established a new area of research noted as Thermodynamics of Molecular Interaction Engendering and during his academic career he has come up with new inventions, equations and concepts. His invention named as Survismeter is commercialized by Borosil and an US patent is granted to oscosurvismeter. Friccohesity, which effectively advances the understanding molecular interactions out of cohesive and frictional forces, NOSIA (non-breakable sodium ignition apparatus), econoburette, visionmeter, tentropy, and mansingh equation and mansingh constant have been his effective breakthroughs. 

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Innovative Approach of  Physicochemical Analysis

Innovative Approach of Physicochemical Analysis

By : Man Singh

ISBN : 9789384588953

Discount : 20%

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 700

© Year : 2019

Many physicochemical properties or parameters (PCPs) like surface tension, viscosity, interfacial tension, wetting coefficient, entropy, enthalpy, friccohesity, tentropy, intramolecular multiple forces theory (IMMFT), ......

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