Milan Radosavljevic

Milan Radosavljevic, Lecturer in the University of Reading's School of Construction Management and Engineering following several years as a Demonstration Projects Coordinator for Scotland and as a Production Director within an off-site construction company in Central Europe. His award winning PhD research used chaos theory in the development of the novel Process Planning Methodology. He is Director of the prestigious Reading MSc in Project Management and his interests are focused on the role of Building Information Modelling in production management within the Total Construction Service strategy.

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Construction Management Strategies

Construction Management Strategies

By : Milan Radosavljevic & John Bennett

ISBN : 9780470656099

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Binding : Paperback

Pages : 314

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© Year : 2014

The construction industry has become a truly global network of interconnected stakeholders making demands which require the involvement of skilled workforces from all over the world. Construction Management Strategies ......

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