M.J. Deodhar

M.J. Deodhar is presently working as ‘Technical Advisor for Coastal Power Services, Pune’. He was graduate in 1957 and completed his postgraduate studies in Hydraulics and Dam Engineering in 1959 from the University of Pune. He started his carrier as Assistant Research Officer in Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute, Nasik, and later became Professor and Head of Civil Engineering Department in the Govt. College of Engineering at Karad, Amaravati, and Pune. He retired as Principal of K.K. Wagh College of Engineering, Nasik.
He has been visiting Professor and Emeritus Fellow, AICTE, New Delhi. He has worked as Technical Expert for UPSC, MPSC, UP PSC, and Himachal Pradesh PSC. He has also worked as, Chairman, Board of studies in Civil Engineering, Member of Faculty of Engineering and Technology and Member of Academic Council of Universities in Maharashtra.
He has published technical articles and also presented papers at international conferences. The prominent being the International Association of Hydraulic Engineering and Research held at San Francisco and Beijing. He has also attended and conducted short-term courses on behalf of the Indian Society of Technical Education, New Delhi, and UNESCO. He is the author of the text book ‘Elementary Engineering Hydrology’.

With over 50 years of research and teaching experience to his credit, Prof. Deodhar was awarded the ‘Best Teacher’ award and ‘Outstanding Engineering’ award by the Institution of Engineers, Nasik branch.

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Spillway Clarified

Spillway Clarified

By : M.J. Deodhar

ISBN : 9789382332299

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Pages : 216

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© Year : 2013

Spillways are structures which provide controlled release of excess water from dams and reservoirs. This release is of utmost importance otherwise the excess water can damage the dams and cause devastation. This book ......

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