Nirmal Kumar

J.I. PhD, Principal and Professor, P.G Department of Environmental Science and Technology, ISTAR, teaches postgraduate and PhD-level courses and guides research projects at PhD and Master's levels. His fields of research interests are Bioremediation, Biodegradation, Nanoscience & Technology, Biodiversity, Forest & Nutrient Dynamics, Restoration Ecology, Environmental Biology, and Wetland pollution monitoring. With an exhaustive research and teaching experience of three decades, he has completed 13 major research projects, guided 17 PhDs and published about 175 research papers in reputed peer reviewed international and national journals and proceedings.

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Toxicity and Bioremediation of  Selected Xenobiotic Compounds

Toxicity and Bioremediation of Selected Xenobiotic Compounds

By : Nirmal Kumar

ISBN : 9789386768605

Price : 180.00

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Binding : Hardback

Pages : 348

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© Year : 2022

This book evaluates and assesses the toxicity, mode of action of xenobiotic compounds like 2,4-D ethyl ester (herbicide), pencycuron (fungicide), Anthracene (ANT) and Pyrene (PYR) (PAHs) on selected  species of ......

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