Pradeep K Srivastava

Pradeep K. Srivastava obtained his Ph.D. from Kanpur University in 1980. He formally introduced the first series of Scientoons in an Asian Conference held at the National University of Singapore, Singapore, in 1988. Since then, he has delivered more than 350 lectures in India and abroad. He has given several programs on television and radio. He also received several international as well as national awards which includes 'Outstanding Young Person of the World' given by Junior Chamber International (USA) annually to 10 selected persons from 110 countries. He is known as the “Scientoon man” in the campus as well as outside, and has achieved quite a feat by fusing complex scientific concepts with dollops of humor. His endeavor to draw Scientoons began way back in 1988. Presently, he is working as a Senior Scientist at CDRI, Lucknow.

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Scientoonic Tell-Tale of Genome and DNA

Scientoonic Tell-Tale of Genome and DNA

By : Madhusudan W Pandit , Pradeep K Srivastava & Lalji Singh

ISBN : 9788189866600

Price : 87.00

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Binding : Hardback

Pages : 190

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© Year : 2008

Scientoonics is a new discipline in science that deals with science communication by using a novel class of science cartoons called scientoons. These are essentially cartoons based on scientific concepts, discoveries, ......

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