P Riyazuddin

P. Riyazuddin is the Head, Dept. of Analytical Chemistry and Chairman, School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Madras. His main research interests include electroanalytical techniques, environmental analytical chemistry (toxic metals speciation), pharmaceutical analysis and chemometrics.

He is author and co-author of several publications in peer reviewed journals. Beside his regular research, he has devoted much of his time to chemical education, taking a particular interest in finding new ways for teachers with limited resources to provide experiments and projects for their students. This interest resulted in publication of several papers on inexpensive equipment and experiments for teaching of analytical chemistry.

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Computers in Chemistry

Computers in Chemistry

By : P Riyazuddin

ISBN : 9789380578750

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Pages : 440

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© Year : 2011

The book describes the fundamentals of computers to enable students to develop and write simple programs related to chemistry. The attempt here has been to trigger the interest of the students in the direct application ......

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