Salam Subhaschandra Singh

is Associate Professor of Physics, Imphal College, Imphal, Manipur (India). Formerly, he was Lecturer, Selection Grade at Moirang College, Moirang, Manipur and Associate Professor of Physics at Dhanamanjuri College of Science, Imphal, Manipur. Since last 32 years, he is teaching the undergraduate Physics Honours students the two fascinating papers of Mathematical Physics and Quantum Mechanics. During the past three decades of his teaching career, he had published 16 research papers in international journals and also 3 volumes of a book entitled B. Sc. Practical Physics. His present area of interest is the Physics of Solitons or Solitary Waves.

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Special Functions and Fourier Series

Special Functions and Fourier Series

By : Salam Subhaschandra Singh

ISBN : 9789390620142

Price : 120.00

Discount : 20%

Discount Price : 96.00

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 984

Weight : 1.32   kg

© Year : 2022

Designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Physics, Mathematics and Engineering, this book includes almost all the special functions, that is, Fourier Series, Boundary Value Problems and Theory of Errors ......

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