Shivam Saxena

is a Computer Science Engineer and an academician in the field of theoretical computer science. His main subjects of interest are Computation and complexities, DNA Computing, Quantum computation, NP-Complete problems and their Heuristics, Graph theory and Artificial Intelligence. Currently, he is involved in research for finding Solutions to NP-Complete Problems.  

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Automata Theory, Languages of Machines and Computability

Automata Theory, Languages of Machines and Computability

By : Shivam Saxena

ISBN : 9789386768070

Price : 35.00

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 326

Weight : 0.41   kg

© Year : 2018

The book is all about the automata, formal language theory and computability. Automata theory plays important roles in compilers, text processing, programming languages, hardware designs and artificial intelligence and ......

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