S Veena

Principal Scientist at DSPS group, Aerospace Electronics Division. She has a B.Tech from Bangalore University and MSc (Engg.) from VTU, Belgaum. She has 15+ years of experience in developing signal algorithms for embedded applications. During this tenure, her major contribution is towards the development of Active Noise Control system for pilot helmets. She has 2 books, 6 SCI journal and 18 conference publications. She is a member of IEEE.

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Optimum and Adaptive Signal Processing

Optimum and Adaptive Signal Processing

By : S V Narasimhan , S Veena & S Roopa

ISBN : 9789385909597

Price : 110.00

Binding : Paperback

Pages : 1016

Weight : 1.60   kg

© Year : 2017

Optimum and Adaptive Signal Processing has been developed in a simple, logical and directed way. The ease of understanding is facilitated by providing all the intermediate steps in a mathematical expression derivation ......

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