A Textbook of Modern Macroeconomics, 1/e
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A Textbook of Modern Macroeconomics, 1/e

Author : L.N. Dutta
© Year : 2013
ISBN : 9789382332343
Pages : 476
Binding : Paperback
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As a modern textbook on macroeconomics, this book thoroughly reviews the existing theories and models on different aspects of macroeconomy. The book attempts to relate abstract theories with their applied aspects. The distinguishing feature of the book is that it has been written largely in the context of Indian macroeconomy with sufficient number of illustrations and empirical evidence. This contrasts glaringly with most textbooks on macroeconomics which have been written chiefly in the context of western developed economies like the US and UK.
One of the novel features of the book is the inclusion of a specific chapter on Recent Global Recession and Debt Crisis of Euro-zone countries and their impact on other economies of the world.
Mathematical techniques have been suitably supplemented with diagrammatic presentations wherever essential and their hidden ideas have been explained as clearly as possible.
However, a certain amount of basic mathematical knowledge is expected from readers to help them better grasp these ideas. The book is intended for primarily undergraduate honours and postgraduate student as also those pursuing management courses.

  • Provides an overview of major macroeconomic theories, supplemented by evidence from the Indian economy and from a few other economies of the world.
  • The macroeconomic theory chapters progress from classical to Keynesian to post-Keynesian theory, in a chronological manner.
  • Has dedicated coverage of national income analysis, macroeconomic policy, inflation, and economic growth.
  • Mathematical techniques have been supplemented with diagrammatic representations wherever applicable.

  • National income analysis
  • Classical macroeconomics
  • Keynesian macroeconomics
  • The IS-LM system
  • Aggregate demand and aggregate supply: a new model
  • Theory of demand for money: post Keynesian development
  • The supply of money and the banking system
  • Modern macroeconomics: fiscal policy
  • Modern macroeconomic monetary policy
  • Inflation
  • Macro theories of consumption savings
  • Macroeconomics: open economy
  • The global recession, 2008

L.N. Dutta :- L.N. Dutta was professor of Economics at Ranchi University. He has a teaching experience of over 35 years in the postgraduate departments of Ranchi University and some of the management institutes of repute, besides guiding and supervising a good number of research scholars leading to their PhD degrees. Dr. Dutta has special interest in areas such as macro and microeconomic theories, mathematical economics and econometrics, agricultural economics and development economics. He has written a good number of research papers which have been published in various journals of repute.

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