Business Analytics and Intelligence: A Compendium
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Business Analytics and Intelligence: A Compendium

Editor : Muthu Mathirajan & U Dinesh Kumar
© Year : 2016
ISBN : 9789385909542
Pages : 1994
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Business Analytics and Intelligence: A Compendium includes articles on advanced data analysis, business analytics, big data and business intelligence for distinguished academicians, practitioners and researchers from academia and industry. It highlights emerging concepts and potential applications in descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics fields. The 216 articles presented in the proceedings are from over 425 contributors from academics and industry.

  • This book fulfills the need for supplementary to text books on business analytics and intelligence, particularly related to emerging concepts as well as on potential applications on business analytics and intelligence.
  • Articles included widely addresses various tools applicable to Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Public Policy, Fraud Analysis, Patent Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, etc.
  • Articles presented in the proceedings will inform, educate and challenge students, practitioners and faculty members in the disciplines of Statistics, Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Management Science, Data Science, Heuristic Optimization and Machine Learning.
  • Analytics Consultants are expected to broaden their perspective on the utility and application opportunity of emerging concepts and new applications of business analytics and intelligence.

1 Analysis of Political Leanings of News Organizations in India
2 Application of Big Data in Intelligent Transportation System by using Modified Kruskal's Algorithm
3 Does Artificial Neural Network perform Better than Traditional Financial Forecasting Models? An Empirical Evidence
4 Stochastic Optimization of Waste Collection Network for Belagavi City
5 An Investigation on Existence of Functional Dependency Between Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV):  A Theoretical Framework in Pure Mathematics
6 A New Univariate Max Policy of Recruitment in a Two Graded Manpower System with Different Epochs for Decisions and Exits
7 Parametric Assessment of Issues of GSCM System Using Graph Theory based Preference Rating Approach
8 Development of a Framework for Evaluation of SSCM Strategies in Thermal Power Sectors
9 Mining Online Customer Reviews to Analyse Service Quality of Hotels
10 Replenishment decision of a retailer under price-inventory-and dynamic rebate induced demand
11 Retail Analytics Modelling for Understanding Impact of Technology in Retail Stores Operations Using System Dynamics
12 Ranking of Scheduling Rules Using Grey Relational Analysis for a Dynamic Job Shop With Sequence Dependent Setup Time
13 Classification of Cardiac diseases using Hybrid Support Vector Machine
14 Analysis of the Influence Relationship Models in an Equity Network:  A Case of Indian Equity Market
15 A Multi-Attribute Brand Selection Model Using Topsis Decision Method With Objective Weights
16 Scheduling a Multi-Objective Flow Shop with Sequence Dependent Setup Time Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm
17 An Exploratory Analysis of Airline Passenger Reviews using Big Data Machine Learning Techniques
18 MapReduce based Gene Selection with Parallel Binary Flower Pollination Algorithm in Cancer Classification
19 Predicting the Chances of Offering Scholarship to Students
20 Understanding and Forecasting Stock Market Volatility through Wavelet Decomposition, Statistical Learning and Econometric Methods
21 Weighted Mean Nawaz Enscore Ham Heuristic Algorithm for Bi-Criterion Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problem
22 How to Improve Mobile Apps Quality using App Store Feedback
23 Estimating the Predictive Performance Analysis of Medical Data Using Weight Based Decision Trees
24 On the Minimum Number of Overs for Twenty20 Cricket
25 "Impact of Hard and Soft Factors of TQM on Performance in Cellular Mobile Telecom Services" — A Case Study in BSNL
26 Manufacturing Cell Formation Using Sheep Flocks Heredity Algorithm
27 Improvement on Lean Performance Metrics in an Indian Cluster Manufacturing Organization- A Case Study
28 Corporate Risk Management, Firms' Characteristics and Shareholders' Value Creation
29 Development of SME Credit Rating Model-based tool using Data mining techniques
30 Analytics to Optimize the Operational Efficiency of Blood Supply Chain
31 Bread (Big Data Retail Analysis and Product Distribution) Model for Sales Prediction
32 Impact of Social Context on Online Shopping Behaviour
33 Using Simulation for Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
34 "Employee Retention/Life Time Value- Application of Survival Model"
35 A Mixed Integer Programming Model in Transporting the Urban Solid Waste from Apartment Blocks
36 Part Quality Improvement in Injection Moulding Process Using Design of Experiments
37 Predictive Analytics Using System Dynamics Models for Manpower Planning in an Organization- A Case Study
38 Forecasting Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) Investment Flows in India: An Auto-regressive Model
39 Optimisation of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) License Capacity through Queuing Analysis
40 Decision Support System for Monitoring and Following Up of the Sales Leads Getting Converted into Orders
41 A new Genetic Perturbation Operator for GA Based optimization among Active Schedules in Resource Constrained Project Scheduling problems
42 Factors Affecting Enrollment and Drop-Out Numbers in Primary and Secondary Education in India - A Study on DISE Database
43 A Workflow-based Approach for Open Government Datasets Processing - Case Study of Indian Government Datasets for Travel Applications
44 Clustering Concepts using Homology Theory of Algebra
45 Insurance Risk Scoring
46 Predictive model for Movie's success and sentiment analysis
47 Herding Behaviour and Contagion Effect: Application of Multivariate Dynamic Conditional Correlation GARCH Model
48 Effectiveness of AR (p) Forecasting tool in Cracking the Bullwhip Effect in a Multi-location Supply Chain Network
49 Time Up! Predictive Models for Project Team Member Release
50 Application of Machine Learning to Predict Outcome of US Court of Appeals
51 Hedging with Stock Futures Contract in India: A Wavelet Analysis
52 Predictive Analytics Using R for Forecasting Automobile Sales with a Specific Focus on Four Wheelers
53 Applying Graph Theory Matrix Approach Method to Identify the Major Influencing Factor for Customer Preferences in Construction Industry
54 A New Predictive Framework for Collaborative Filtering Using True Neighbors: An Algorithmic Approach
55 Heuristic based Transportation Planning for a Food Grain Supply Chain
56 Modelling and Analysis of a Multi-Product Multi-Period Fixed Charge Transportation Problem
57 A Multi-server Parallel System with Pure Space Sharing and Markovian Arrivals - A Simulation Approach
58 Internet of Things (IOT): Predictive Maintenance using Sensor based Big Data
59 Robust Approach to Unequal Area Dynamic Facility Layout Problems with Flexible Bay Structure
60 Optimizing Cross Selling Strategy in B2B Market: A Case Study with Hewlett Packard Enterprise
61 Comparing Accuracy of Models Built on Sub-population vs. Entire Population
62 Fraud Analytics: Fraud detection of Tax Refund using Advance Analytics in India
63 A Scale to Cluster Consumers' Attitude Towards Organic Food
64 Study of Foreign Direct Investment and Its Impact on Indian Economy
65 Healthcare Relational Coordination: A Review on Parameter Selection
66 Specialization and Syndication as Risk Management Strategies for Venture Capital Firms in India
67 Development of a Robust Predictive System for Assessment of Phishing Websites using Hybrid Random Forest and Neural Network Model
68 Development of Probability Density Functions for Commodity Ship Arrivals Served at Port Berths Handling Multiple Commodities
69 Evaluating Appropriate Artificial Neural Network Model for Forecasting Foreign Exchange
70 Smart Meter Data Analytics
71 An Efficient System for Stock Price Direction Prediction
72 Education Loan defaults: Application of Linear and Non-linear Quantitative Models
73 WDF Model (Workforce Demand Forecasting)
74 Analytical Evaluation of Relation between Alignment and Performance in Service Triads - Two Differing Contexts
75 Application of Analytics to Predict and Estimate Distribution Losses in Water Supply Networks
76 Simulating Stock Prices using Block Bootstrap for Long Run Performance Evaluation
77 Predictive Analysis of Music Preferences of Indian Customers Based on their Personality: A Mixed Method Approach
78 Uncovering The Influence of Big-Data on Individual's Well-Being
79 Improving Operational Efficiency in Cloud/Non Cloud Provider Environments: A Proactive Analytical Approach in Incident Management
80 Title: Integrated Supplier Evaluation Model for Selection of Services Provider
81 Forecasting Gold Prices: Comparison of ARIMA and Hybrid ARIMA GARCH Model
82 Optimal Sentiment Analysis using Multiple Sequence Alignment in a High Performance Computing Environment
83 Real Time News Analytics for Identifying Events of Interest
84 Channel Partner Analytics
85 A Clustering - Prediction Model for Real Time Tracking of Vehicles - A Case Study of Tracking BMTC Buses using NIMBUS
86 Decomposition of Time Series Data to Check Consistency between Fund Style and Actual Fund Composition of Mutual Funds
87 Predicting the Possibility of an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)
88 Continuous Approximation Model for Supply Chain Network
89 Customer Attrition Analytics: The Case of a Recruitment Service Provider
90 Content Analysis of Sportainment Events to infer Business Analytics
91 Predictive Modeling Analysis - Tropical Cyclones and El Niño/La Niña Relationship in India
92 Failure Mode and Effect Analysis in Health Care Sector
93 Optimal Procurement Policy for New Products with Initial Inspection under Fuzzy Environment
94 Routing/Assignment of Customer Cases using Data Science/Machine Learning techniques
95 Intelligent Assistant for Problem Isolation/ Resolution of Customer Cases
96 Predictive Escalation of Customer Cases using Sentiment Analysis and Customer/Case parameters
97 Indentifying Critical Factors Influencing Timeshare Purchases in India
98 Using PLS Regression to Forecast Steel Prices
99 "Marketing Campaign Performance Analysis and Impact on Marketing Activities& ROI Using Qualitative Data Analysis"
100 Forecasting Dealer Vehicle Sales in the Presence of Excess Zeros
101 Multi-Depot Green Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Pick up and Deliveries
102 Customer Analytics for Insurers
103 Intent based Clustering using Time Series Clustering and Fuzzy String Matching
104 Sentiment Analysis of Earnings Transcript (SAET)
105 Vendor Appraisal and Rewarding System
106 Operating Performance and Profitability Analysis: A Study of Indian Commercial Banks
107 An Empirical Study on Adoption of Mobile Payment Services in Bangalore Urban
108 Optimal Solution for Financial Planning of the Garbage Disposal Plant Using Goal Programming
109 A Hybrid Discrete Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Sequence Dependent Setup Time
110 TIEx- A Tool for Extracting Structured and Semantic Information from Text Document
111 Analysis of Customer Experiences in Budget Hotels of India
112 Increasing Spend Efficiency through Media vehicle Optimization using Linear Programming
113 Comparative Garch Modelling for Global Socially Reliable Indices
114 Classification in Medical Data using Type 2 Fuzzy Logic System with Adaptive Swallow Swarm Optimization
115 Application of Data Mining Techniques in E-Commerce for Merchant Fraud Detection in India
116 Efficient Predictive Model for the Attainment of Learning Objectives using Statistical Techniques
117 Test Preparation Phase Optimization using Unsupervised Learning
118 An Adaptive Mapreduce based Apriori Algorithm for Frequent Itemset Mining
119 A Cognitive Study on Data Visualization
120 Increasing Customers' Wallet Share for an Indian Retail Chain | A Case Study
121 Automating Documentation Processfor New Client Onboarding using Natural Language Processing
122 Application of Latent Class Analysis in Insurance Industry
123 On Extracting Features from Asynchronous Multivariate Data Streams
124 Food Grain Storage, Movement and Public Distribution: Warehousing Selection & Route Optimization
125 Product-Bundle Pricing Analytics: An Integrated Approach Through Text Analytics and Genetic Algorithm
126 Analyze Various Datamining Clustering Algorithms for Pharmacy Dataset
127 A Hybrid Predictive Model using Feed Forward Neural Network with Swarm Intelligence Techniques in Medical Data
128 Enterprise Customer Cross Sell Prediction Using Apache Spark Machine Learning Library (MLlib)
129 Game Theoretical Approach for RSU Access with Minimum Payoff in VANET
130 e-CRM: Maximum Customer Satisfaction Technique in Life Insurance Sector
131 Corporate Frauds-Through Financial Misreporting- An Analysis of Firms Listed in the Bombay Stock Exchange
132 Trend in FDI Inflow and Current Account Balance: An Analysis of var with Indian Data
133 An Efficient Algorithm for Associative Classification using Interestingness Measures
134 Leveraging Open Source Technology to Build Business Dashboards with Minimal Investment to Achieve Maximum Throughput
135 A Neuro-Fuzzy Decision Tree algorithm using C 4.5
136 Crime Analysis Using Big Data Analytics
137 Vehicle Routing Optimization for Bangalore Waste Management
138 House Pricing, The Machine Learning Approach
139 Application of Text Analysis | Performance Management
140 The Impact of Marketing Mix Strategy on Performance of Self Help Groups
141 Digital Signature based Real Estate Transactions using Blockchain Technology
142 Privacy Preservation of Sensitive Itemsets Using Parallelized Heuristics Based Approach
143 Optimal Pricing of Used Cars
144 A New Approach for Splitting Datasets Implemented using Map Reducebased Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
145 Application of Random Forests Algorithm in Apparel Industry for Demand Forecasting
146 Conceptual Framework to Develop Retail Related Analytics to Minimize Shrink
147 Modelling and Analysis of Fleet Assignment Problem in Airline Industry
148 Customer Complaints Analytics
149 Fault Detection Engine in Intelligent Predictive Analytics Platform for DCIM
150 Markov Chain Method of Forecasting Acceptance of New Technologies
151 A Stochastic time dependent modeling of Customer Equity
152 Benchmarking Maintenance Management Performance in Dairy Industry
153 Service Churn Model for Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (MHCV)    165
154 A Simple Forecast Analytics of Future Greenhouse Gas Emissions for British Columbia and Tamil Nadu
155 Factors that Influence K-12 Education in India
156 Amalgamated Analytics Workbench-Enabling an Omni Channel Approach in Discovering Customer Journeys
157 People Analytics to Enhance Project Management Effectiveness and Efficiency
158 A Novel Genetic Algorithm Model for Profit Prediction with Time Series Analysis
159 A Multi Criteria Decision Tool for Selection of a Big Data Analytics Platform
160 Method to improve Forecasting Accuracy by using Events
161 Supplier Risk Score and Sourcing Optimization
162 Can Data Analytics uncoil National Management Admission Test Score?-An Empirical Approach from India
163 Reserve Estimation in Non-Life Insurance Under Solvency II Regime
164 Planning for an Uncertain Energy Future: Robust Optimisation of Energy Systems for a Capacity Expansion Problem
165 Price Discovery and Volatility Spillovers in Spot and Futures Commodity Market in India-A Comparison
166 Use of Prescriptive Analytics to efficiently address a realistic Lot Sizing and Scheduling Problem
167 Prediction of Telecom Technology  Churn using Survey Based Hidden Markov Modelling
168 G_SIM: A Group Similarity Based Clustering Procedure for a Cell Formation Problem
169 Simulation Model for Firm Value Analysis- A Case Study
170 Tapping Predictive Analytics for Smart Hiring
171 Triplets From Sentence for Concept Extraction
172 Analyzing Customer Sentiments and Service Quality Gaps in it Service Settings
173 Risk Assessment and Survival Analysis for Startup Vendors
174 Analyzing Ancillary Purchase Patterns in Airline Customers through Analogous Approach of Topic Models
175 A Pilot Recommender System using K-means Clustering
176 Business Scorecards and Dashboards in the  Context of Healthcare Provision
177 Logistics Network Optimization to Arrive at Least Cost Solution for Automobile Manufacturers
178 Portfolio of Innovation Index for the Knowledge-based Economy: A Dashboard for Competitiveness
179 Environmentally Conscious Optimization of Closed Loop Supply Chain Network with Vehicle Routing using Genetic Algorithm
180 Enhancing Customer Value through Technical Support Operational Excellence Business Scorecards Visualization
181 How Internet of Things can Enhance Customer Engagement and Generate Insights for Analytics and Research
182 360º storytelling of Maggi Controversy (Social Media Analytics)
183 Modelling and Optimization of manufacturing/Remanufacturing Systems with Applications to the Printer Cartridge Industry using Heuristics
184 Determining the Focus of University Technology Innovations: Insights from Patent Analysis
185 T-Miner: A Tool for Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis
186 Sales Pipeline Acceleration using Predictive Analytics in Big Data Environment
187 Digital Analytics Veracity  Deliver ';Verified' Actionable Insights through Digital Pillars
188 Streaming Analytics using Smart Meter Data
189 Predicting ATM Failure from Logs: A Machine Learning Approach
190 A Hybrid Approach using Synthetic Minority Over Sampling and Unsupervised Methods for Classifying Imbalanced Data Sets
191 Recent Trends in Data Science of doing Customer Segmentation based on Supervised Ensemble Machine Learnings -Key Challenges for Industrialization
192 Reducing Pressure in Emergency Departments through Information Transparency and Real-Time Data: A Case Study from Torbay and South Devon
193 Prediction using Functional Data Analysis with Application to Booking Curves
194 Single Unreliable Server Retrial Queue with Second Optional Service under K Types of Bernoulli Vacation
195 A Big Data Approach to Multi-Aspect Opinion Mining on Online Tuberculosis Social Reviews based on WordNet Lexicon
196 Sharpening the Vehicular Traffic Flow Images for Better Analysis and Decision Making using Wavelet based Unsharp Masking
197 Improving Click through Rate of Internal Search Results for Website
198 Analysis of a Retrial Queueing Model with Hysteresis using MAP Arrivals and Phase-type Services
199 MCDM Application in Consumer Choice: A Case Study of Tourist Homes/Vacation Destinations
200 To Analyze the Bullwhip Effect in Improving the Performance of the Supply Chain by the Balanced Score Card
201 Brand Positioning at Shoe Zone: A case of a  footwear Outlet in Mumbai
202 Non-linear Autoregressive Dendritic Cell Algorithm Based Stock Predictor Employing Exogenous Variables
203 A Two-Geography Comparative Analysis of Sustainable Product Offering Profiles in High-Tech Firms
204 Determination of Supply Chain Length to Evaluate Supply Chain Performance of Products
205 Self-learning Failure Defect Corpus "DTC" Dictionary Development using Semantic Subject Modelling Approach for Connected Vehicles
206 Need for Big Data Analytics in Digital India Initiative Road Accident Analytics - A Case Study
207 Optimal Placement of Product Advertisement on Television Media: A Fuzzy Approach
208 Adoption of Children Book Apps Towards Development of a Conceptual Model
209 The Challenges of People Analytics Research
210 Confronting the Payment Card Frauds in an E-commerce Ecosystem
211 Student Placement Analyzer: A Recommendation System Using Machine Learning
212 Prediction of Butyl Price: An Econometric Approach
213 A Study on impact of Business Analytics in Improving Supply Chain Performance
214 Analysis of Sustainable Prospects and Strategies for Agri-food Sector: A Case Analysis of Wheat Flour Mill.
215 A Comparative Study on Clustering Algorithms for Clustering Text Documents
216 PLUTUS (Productivity Levers to Unveil the Untapped Sales)

Muthu Mathirajan :- Dr. Muthu Mathirajan is Chief Research Scientist at the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. He received M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from Madurai Kamaraj University and Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Research from College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University. He also received M.Sc. (engineering) degree in Applied Operations Research and Ph.D. in Operations Management from IISc. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Singapore–Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alliance in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He was a visiting consultant at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. His Ph.D. thesis was adjudged the best thesis and was awarded the prestigious M.N. Gopalan Award of 2002 at the annual convention of the ORSI. His research interests are in the areas of Mathematical Modeling and Heuristic Optimizations for Production Planning and Scheduling, Personnel Scheduling, Routing and Scheduling in Logistics, Container Terminal Logistics, Distribution in Supply Chain Management and Research Methods. He has published over 55 research articles in both international and national journals, edited books and also presented over 50 research papers both at international and national conferences. He is the co-author of two books and a monograph.

U Dinesh Kumar :- is a Professor of Decision Sciences and Information Systems at IIM Bangalore and holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from IIT Bombay. He has over 20-years of teaching and research experience. He is listed as one of the top 10 analytics academics in India by the analytics India magazine. He was awarded the Best Young Teacher Award by the Association of Indian Management Institutions in 2003. He has published more than 60 research articles in leading academic journals. Twenty four of his case studies on Business Analytics based on Indian and multinational organizations have been published at the Harvard Business Publishing's case portal. He has carried out consulting projects for organizations such as The Boston Consulting Group (India) Private Limited, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Qatar Airways, Mission Hospital, Manipal Hospitals, Scalene Works, Wipro Limited, UNIBIC and the World Health Organization etc.

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