Personality Development: Get Confidence, Courage and Charisma by Eagerness, Enthusiasm and Effort, 1/e
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Personality Development: Get Confidence, Courage and Charisma by Eagerness, Enthusiasm and Effort, 1/e

Author : Sutapa Banerjee
© Year : 2012
ISBN : 9789381141847
Pages : 172
Binding : Paperback
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The book focuses on several behavioral traits that have immense impact on the growth and development of personality. In the fast competitive world one often finds it difficult to cope up with the pressure that triggers frustration, agony and depression. It is precisely for this we need to train and develop our behavior and personality so that we can achieve success and accomplish the goals that we set in life. Life becomes enjoyable when we are respected and admired by others for the personality that we have. An individual with a charming personality is the source of inspiration for many.

  • The book is spread in 5 chapters dealing with personality, personality development, emotional manifestations, values and ethics, and conclusion.
  • Discusses multidimensional perception of the need and essence of personality development.
  • Has a separate chapter on values and ethics.

1. Personality: Emotional Intelligence Key Features of Personality Values and Beliefs: Our Actions and Interactions Reflect our Values Social and Individual Attitude Role of Gender and Sex Outlook Perception Patience and Endurance Dress and Appearance Mannerisms and Behavioural Patterns Communication Attributes and Traits that Shape Our Personality Need for High Emotional Quotient
2. An Overview of Personality Development: The Importance of Well Nourished thoughts in Social Context How Can You Achieve That Let us Read for Our Pleasure Lev Tolstoy What is Essence of Literary Thought?
3. Emotional Manifestations: Devotion and Dedication Communication and its Impact on Personality
4. Values and Ethics that we imbibe from art and literature: Health and Mind Punctuality and Practice Motivation Interest and Desire Tolerance Honesty and Integrity Humility Love and Faith
5. Conclusion

Sutapa Banerjee :- Sutapa Banerjee is an Education maestro with a difference. She has spent the past 25 years in pursuit of excellence in the Queen's language, with equal ramifications in pure and applied English.
She is an authority on Soft Skills and Personality Development.

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Personality Development

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