A Pictorial Guide To Metamorphic Rocks In The Field, 1/e
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A Pictorial Guide To Metamorphic Rocks In The Field, 1/e

Author : Kurt Hollocher
© Year : 2014
ISBN : 9781138026308
Pages : 326
Binding : Paperback
Weight : 0.70   kg

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  • About the Book
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This book is an illustrative introduction to metamorphic rocks as seen in the field, designed for advanced high school to graduate-level earth science and geology students to jump-start their observational skills. In addition to photographs of rocks in the field, there are numerous line diagrams and examples of metamorphic features shown in thin section. The thin section photos are all at a scale and in a context that can be related to views seen in the field through a hand lens.

providing photographs of metamorphic rocks in the field.
photomicrographs at a scale that translates to a hand lens views.
line drawings outlining key theoretical concepts.
includes metamorphic rocks related to faulting, metasomatic processes, and partial melting.
with descriptions of illustrations that include what one can see and how to look for it.
content is accessible for students from high school to graduate school.
this book has been taken over from Manson publishing, and is part of their successful series of practical books for study and reference, produced to the highest standards in full colour and at affordable prices.

About the author
A matter of scale
1 Introduction
The basics
Pressure, temperature, and metamorphic grade
Movement of rocks through P-T space
Preserving the prograde assemblage
Metamorphic field gradient
Rock strain: foliation and lineation
Chemical flux
Summary and introduction to the following chapters
Part 1: Metamorphic rock types
2 Pelitic rocks
3 Quartzites
4 Marbles
5 Calc-silicate rocks
6 Mixed sedimentary rocks
7 Conglomerates and breccias
8 Gneisses
9 Basaltic rocks, low and intermediate pressure
10 Blueschists
11 Eclogites
12 Ultramafic rocks
13 Contact metamorphic rocks
14 Rocks in fault zones
Part 2: Metamorphic features
15 Foliation, cleavage, lineation
16 Folds
17 Porphyroblasts, porphyroclasts, and augen
18 Boudins
19 Veins and hydrothermal alteration
20 Metasomatism
21 Partial melting and migmatites
22 Retrograde metamorphism
Part 3: Relict pre-metamorphic features
23 Relict sedimentary features
24 Fossils in metamorphic rocks
25 Relict igneous features
Glossary of terms, rock types, and minerals
Glossary of terms
Glossary of rock types
Glossary of minerals

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