Analytical Methods for Ores and Minerals, 1/e
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Analytical Methods for Ores and Minerals, 1/e

Author : B.H. Khawas
© Year : 2013
ISBN : 9788189866549
Pages : 392
Binding : Hardback
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Although methods for determination of almost all elements are available in discrete way either in books covering specific ores or in encyclopedias, an exclusive book on methods of analysis for ores and minerals was not available. The present work is a sincere effort to fulfil this vacuum. This book exclusively covers well tested analytical methods for their accuracy and versatility for ores and minerals of most of the elements.
The present book covers methods of analysis of most of the minerals right from alkali metals to zirconium. The methods given in the book are well tested and in practice in various laboratories engaged in analysis of ores and minerals. The book also covers topics on fundamental principles of analytical chemistry, computation of analytical data, error and precision in analytical results, etc. A chapter is dedicated to the management of analysis and safety in laboratory in order to give an idea to chemists that how to proceed for analytical work in a well planned and systematic way with all precautions to be taken for safety. A chemist would understand how the chemical analysis can be performed in the shortest possible time with high accuracy. The principle of management applied for laboratory organization will definitely help the laboratory managers in ensuring smooth and speedy work with quality.
The principle of analysis is discussed in the beginning of each method to understand the theoretical aspects and reactions involved in the course of analysis. This will help the student to understand the theory of analysis and role of each reagent used. For determination of major radicals in the ore, conventional chemical methods of analysis are suggested whereas instrumental methods are suggested for elements present in minute quantity.
The book will be useful for students as well as analytical chemists engaged in the field of analysis of ores and minerals.

  • Spread across 38 chapters, the book covers well-tested analytical methods for their accuracy and versatility for almost all the major varieties of ores and minerals, right from alkali metals to zirconium.
  • Provides separate chapters on general principles of analysis, statistical treatment of analytical data, and management of laboratory and safety in the laboratory for carrying analytical work.
  • Each method gives an outline on the principle of analysis, reagents involved, procedure and calculations.
  • Chemical reactions and important notes have been given at appropriate places.

  • Ores, Minerals and Rocks – A Brief Introduction
  • General Principles of Analysis
  • Statistical Treatment of Analytical Data
  • Management of Laboratory and Safety
  • The Alkali Metals
  • Aluminium Ores
  • Antimony Ores
  • Arsenic Ores
  • Barium Ores
  • Beryllium Ores
  • Bismuth Ores
  • Boron Minerals
  • Cadmium Ores
  • Calcium and Magnesium Minerals
  • Chromium Ores
  • Cobalt Ores
  • Copper Ores
  • Fluorine Minerals
  • Germanium Ores
  • Gold Bearing Ores
  • Iron Ores
  • Lead Ores
  • Manganese Ores
  • Mercury Ores
  • Molybdenum Ores
  • Nickel Ores
  • Phosphorous Minerals
  • Polymetallic Ores
  • Selenium and Tellurium Minerals
  • Silicon and Siliceous Materials
  • Silver Ores
  • Sulphur Ores
  • Tin Ores
  • Titanium Ores
  • Tungsten Ores
  • Zinc Ores
  • Zirconium Ores
  • Index.

B.H. Khawas :- B.H. Khawas obtained Master degree in Analytical Chemistry, Diploma in Business Management and MBA degree from Nagpur University. He has served various organizations of Government of India, viz., Indian Bureau of Mines, Geological Survey of India, Regional Labour Institute and Customs Laboratory.
He has experience of more than 28 years in the field analysis of various products out of which 12 years in analysis of ores, minerals. He has also worked in the field of Industrial Hygiene. Presently, he is in Central Revenue Laboratory under Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

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Analytical Methods for Ores ...

By : B.H. Khawas

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