Challenges to Sustainable Agri-Food Systems, 1/e
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Challenges to Sustainable Agri-Food Systems, 1/e

Editor : P G Chengappa , N Nagaraj & Ramesh Kanwar
© Year : 2007
ISBN : 9788189866297
Pages : 830
Binding : Paperback
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Of late, farming community in India has been facing new challenges of food and nutrition security, human health and structural adjustment to comply with WTO stipulations on the one hand and sustainable environment on the other. The overuse of fertilizers and chemicals, and depleting water resources are essentially threatening the sustainability of Indian agriculture. The slow growth of agriculture sector mainly due to stagnation in productivity growth is a grave concern for policy-makers and development planners. The key challenge to India's agriculture in the 21st century in the wake of open global economy lies in designing, developing and managing agricultural systems that enable farmers to be efficient, equitable and sustainable in the bio-physical and socio-cultural environments. This book has deliberated on the key issues of sustainable agriculture in the context of emerging technologies, policies and institutions by promoting efficiency, equity and better management of natural resources. In the process, thoughts and experience of world-class leaders in agricultural education, research, extension, policy, agri-business and development in addressing the challenges confronting farmers have been documented

  • Spread across 101 articles, the book broadly focuses on natural resource management, technological advancements, and economics, extension, policy and trade (EEPT).
  • Discusses key issues of sustainable agriculture by promoting efficiency, equity, and better management of natural resources.

  • Food Security and Sustaiability of Agricutltural Production: An Emerging Concern in India
  • Challenges of sustainable Agri-Food systems: Implications for Curriculum, Research, Extension and Development
  • Transition in Technological paradigm: From the green revolution to BT cotton in India
  • Surface Water and Groundwater Salinity in Agricultural Lands of the Chi River Basin Part II, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand
  • Groundwater Depletion in Hard Rock areas of Karnataka - Approaches for sustainable and prudent use
  • Energy Security through the use of Biogas Plants and Improved Smokeless Chulas in Rural Households of Karnataka
  • Sustainability of Ground Water Use through Drip Irrigation in Eastern Dry Zone of Karnataka
  • Empowerment of women members of self help group through training and value addition
  • An economic assessment of organic farming: Implications for sustainable development of rural areas
  • Zero tillage: An effictive resource conservation technology for sustainable direct seeded rice production in Karnataka
  • Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems for Rural India
  • Rainwater Harvesting: The Relationship between Water Supply Contamination and Community Participation in Rural Karnataka, India
  • Kodagu Model Forest Programme - The first model programme for India
  • Sustainability and Existence Value of Devara Kadu (Sacred Groves) Institution in Kodagu, India
  • Ecofriendly management of Soyabean pod borer with special reference to Eco-Friendly Management of Soybean Pod Borers with Special Reference to Cydia Ptychora (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)
  • Sustainable Management of Soil and Water Resources in India to Advance Food Security and Mitigate Climate Change
  • Evaluation of Economically Viable Rice - Based Cropping Systems And Land Resource Use Under Late Water Receipt Situation In The Tail-End Cauvery Deltaic Zone
  • Water Requirement, Tuber Yield and Economics of Potato under Micro Irrigation and Mulching
  • Assessment of a few Natural capital components from three different land use systems for sustainable development
  • Organic recycling through leaf litter in an agro-forestry home garden of Kerala
  • Farmers Dependency on Tree Resources and Factors Influencing Decisions on Tree Growing in Transitional Zone of Coorg and Mysore Districts
  • Influence of Organic Source Of Nutrients on Growth Attributes and Pod Yield In Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.)
  • Crop-livestock Integration for Sustainable Production System in SemiArid Region of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Utilisation of Gold Ore Tailing as a Source of Micronutrient In Improving Soil Fertility and Crop Yield
  • Effect of Enriched Pressmud Compost on Nutrient availability and Yield of Rice
  • Impact of Technological Interventions on Sustainable Agricultural Production in the Tank Commands of Northern Karnataka
  • Effect of nutrient management through organics Vs inorganic and their integration on sustainable growth, yield and quality of sugarcane (complex hybrid of Saccharum spp.)
  • Characterization of sludge from Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket sewage treatment plant for its suitability as crop manure
  • Sustainability of agriculture in the hilly ecosystem of the Nilgiris
  • Contribution of sheep towards the livelihood of rural poor and factors determining their ownership in vulnerable agroclimatic zones- A study in Rajasthan
  • Heavy Metal and Micronutrient Levels in Vegetables, Fruits and other Crops Grown Using Sewage in Peri Urban Bangalore
  • Impact of Declining Water Quality on Crop Output in Coastal and Inland Rice Production Environments in South India
  • Reclamation of saline
  • alkaline soils through aquaculture
  • Irrigation induced soil degradation : A threat to rural livelihood
  • Integrated Approaches in Tank Water Management
  • Conservation of Natural Resources through Micro-Watershed Approach
  • Participatory Natural Resource Management: Community Based Rainwater Harvesting System in Gujarat
  • Effect of de-siltation in irrigation tank system on cropping

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