Frontiers in Fungal Ecology, Diversity and Metabolites  , 1/e
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Frontiers in Fungal Ecology, Diversity and Metabolites , 1/e

Editor : K R Sridhar
© Year : 2008
ISBN : 9788189866914
Pages : 352
Binding : Hardback
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Mycology is a frontier area of research in life sciences. Fungi represent one of the three major evolutionary segments along with plants and animals. Fungal multidimensional features with basic and applied value projected their potential beyond routine systematics, diversity and environmental studies. In view of tremendous developments in the field of Mycology, the present treatise emphasizes various aspects of contemporary issues in mycology. It comprises 22 chapters with emphasis on the fungal ecology, diversity and metabolites. The topics treated include aquatic ecology, diversity and phylogeny, mutualism and interactions, potential metabolites, pathology and toxins, fungal infections and prevention, cell permeabilization and advances in monocarboxylate transporters in yeasts with an emphasis on cancer therapy. This volume is of special interest to mycologists as a valuable source of information on the frontier areas of mycology dealing with diversity, ecological amplitudes, methods of assessment, novel metabolites and bioprospecting avenues

Salient Features:

  • The subject matter is compiled in 22 chapters covering broadly the major issues of fungal ecology, diversity and metabolites.
  • Serves as a valuable source of information on frontier areas of mycology: ecological amplitudes, conservation, novel methods of assessment and bioprospecting.
  • The chapters are contributed by 39 eminent scientists and academicians.

  • Freshwater Hyphomycetes
  • Diversity of Aquatic Hyphomycetes of the Western Ghat Rivers
  • Mangrove Fungi of the Indian Peninsula
  • Marine Fungi and Novel Metabolites
  • Trichomycetes
  • Forest Pathology in India
  • Diversity and Adaptive Response of Lichens in Antarctica
  • Diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi of Endemic Myristicaceae
  • Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi of the ‘Khazan Land’ Agro-Ecosystem
  • Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Salinity Stress in Crop Plants
  • Production of Indole Acetic Acid by Ectomycorrhizal Fungi
  • Endophytic Fungi : Mutualism, Bioactive Metabolites and Bioprospecting
  • Identity and Toxigenic Potentiality of Fusarium spp. Colonizing Sorghum
  • Fumonisins – A New Class of Fusarial Mycotoxins
  • Improvement of Coffee Quality through Prevention of Moulds
  • Fungal Infections in Humans
  • Plasma Membrane Transport of Monocarboxylates in Yeasts
  • Cell Permeabilization – An Approach to Increase the Biocatalysis in Yeasts
  • Molecular Approaches in Mycology Based on Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Phylogenetic Tools for the Identification of Fungi
  • Bioactive Peptaibol Antibiotics from Trichoderma
  • Emerging Issues in Mycology
  • Index

K R Sridhar :- K.R. Sridhar is a senior professor at Mangalore University, Karnataka, India and served for the last 30 years. He has guided M.Phil. and Ph.D. students on several aspects of microbiology, mycology, food science and pill millipedes. His main area of research is Diversity and Ecology of Freshwater Hyphomycetes of the Western Ghats and Mangrove/Marine Fungi of the West Coast of India. He has coedited Prospects and Problems of Environment in the New Millennium and published several reviews and research papers in the field of mycology, food science and millipedes.
As NSERC postdoctoral fellow, Sridhar collaborated with Prof. Felix Baerlocher at the Department of Biology, Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, Canada and carried out substantial studies on the ecology of freshwater hyphomycetes. He was a visiting scientist at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ and Martin Luther University, Halle and worked on freshwater fungi of hyper polluted water bodies of the Central Germany in collaboration with Dr. Gudrun Krauss and Prof. Gerd Krauss. He was also a visiting professor at the Center of Biology, University of Mihno, Braga, Portugal. He has a long association with Association of Microbiologists of India and Mycological Society of India. He is currently Chairman, Department of Biosciences, Mangalore University and coordinating master's degree in Biosciences and Biotechnology.

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