Building Information Modeling: BIM in Current and Future Practice, 1/e
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Building Information Modeling: BIM in Current and Future Practice, 1/e

Author : Karen Kensek & Douglas Noble
© Year : 2014
ISBN : 9781118766309
Pages : 432
Binding : Hardback
Weight : 1.00   kg

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Building Information Modeling: BIM in Current and Future Practice
Karen Kensek, Douglas Noble
ISBN: 978-1-118-76630-9
432 pages
May 2014
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The bright future and exciting possibilities of BIM
Many architects and engineers regard BIM as a disruptive force, changing the way building professionals design, build, and ultimately manage a built structure. With its emphasis on continuing advances in BIM research, teaching, and practice, Building Information Modeling: BIM in Current and Future Practice encourages readers to transform disruption to opportunity and challenges them to reconsider their preconceptions about BIM.
Thought leaders from universities and professional practice composed essays exploring BIM's potential to improve the products and processes of architectural design including the structure and content of the tools themselves. These authors provide insights for assessing the current practice and research directions of BIM and speculate about its future. The twenty-six chapters are thematically grouped in six sections that present complementary and sometimes incompatible positions:

Design Thinking and BIM
BIM Analytics
Comprehensive BIM
Reasoning with BIM
Professional BIM
BIM Speculations

1. Smart Buildings/Smart(er) Designers: BIM and the Creative Design Process
Glenn Goldman
Andrzej Zarzycki
2. Necessity of Cognitive Modeling in BIM’s Future 17
Ömer Akin
3. Modeling Architectural Meaning 29
Mark J. Clayton
4. Knowledge-Based Building Information Modeling 43
Hugo Sheward
Charles Eastman
5. Parametric BIM SIM: Integrating Parametric Modeling, BIM, and Simulation for Architectural Design 59
6. Models and Measurement: Changing Design Value with Simulation, Analysis, and Outcomes 79
Phillip G. Bernstein
Matt Jezyk
7. Energy Modeling in Conceptual Design 95
Timothy Hemsath
8. Performance Art: Analytics and the New Theater of Design Practice 109
Daniel Davis
Nathan Miller
9. Automated Energy Performance Visualization for BIM 119
Paola Sanguinetti
Pasi Paasiala
Charles Eastman
10. Urban Energy Information Modeling: High Fidelity Aggregated Building Simulation for District Energy Systems 129
11. BIM and the Predesign Process: Modeling the Unknown 143
Michael Donn
12. Analytical BIM: BIM Fragments, Domain Gaps, and Other Impediments 157
Karen M. Kensek
13. One BIM to Rule Them All: Future Reality or Myth? 175
Brian R. Johnson
14. Component-Based BIM: A Comprehensive, Detailed, Single-Model Strategy 187
Anton C. Harfmann
15. BIM Ecosystem: The Coevolution of Products, Processes, and People 197
Ning Gu
Vishal Singh
Kerry London
16. 6 BIM, Materials, and Fabrication 213
Christopher Beorkrem
17. Communicating Semantics through Model Restructuring and Representation 225
18. BIM as a Catalyst to Foster Creativity through Collaboration 237
Murali Paranand
19. BIM and Virtual Reconstruction: A Long-Term View of (Re-)Modeling 251
Bob Martens
Herbert Peter
20. Managing BIM Projects, Organizations, and Policies: Turning Aspirations into Quantitative Measures of Success 269
21. Space: The First (and Final) Frontier of BIM 281
Stephen R Hagan
22. Translating Designs for Construction + Operations: The Future of BIM in a World of Material and Energy Scarcity 295
23. Marx, BIM, and Contemporary Labor 313
Peggy Deamer
24. Beyond BIM: Next-Generation Building Information Modeling to Support Form, Function, and Use of Buildings 323
25. Engines of Information: Big Data from Small Buildings 337
Chandler Ahrens
Aaron Sprecher
26. BIM and MetaBIM: Design Narrative and Modeling Building Information 349
Mark Burry
Acknowledgments 362
Discussion Questions 362
Glossary 363
Author Biographies 373
Index 385

Karen Kensek :- KAREN M. KENSEK and DOUGLAS E. NOBLE teach at the University of Southern California, School of Architecture. Prof. Kensek has received national BIM honors from the AIA TAP committee and Autodesk, hosts an annual conference on Building Information Modeling, and received the 2014 ACSA Award for Creativity with Prof. Noble. They are both past presidents of Association for Computer Aided Design In Architecture (ACADIA) and are active in the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

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