Computer Analysis of Framed Structures, 1/e
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Computer Analysis of Framed Structures, 1/e

Author : Damodar Maity
© Year : 2009
ISBN : 9788189866198
Pages : 248
Binding : Paperback
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Computer Analysis of Framed Structures aims at developing the skills of basic knowledge of computer programming combined with structural analysis. It does this by presenting the concept of computer modeling of real-life structures by focusing on modern matrix method of analysis along with the use of computer codes in C language. This book would also help in making the use of various civil and mechanical engineering software's like STAAD, Pro, SAP, ADINA, ANSYS, NISA and STRAP for computer-aided designing of structures easy.

  • Presents the concept of computer modeling of real life structures by focusing on modern matrix method and the C programming language.
  • Chapters on matrices related to structural analysis, flexibility method, and stiffness method includes problems at the end.
  • The subject matter presented will help the reader for developing their own code for the analysis of any complicated structure.

Introduction : A Brief History of Structural Analysis *Computer Programs *Computational Flow for Structural Analysis Concepts on Computer Analysis of Structures : Principles of Structural Analysis *Basic Steps in Computer Analysis *Structural Idealization *Degrees of Freedom *Types of Structural Elements *Discretization of Structures *Loads *Supports *Types of Analysis Matrices Related to Structural Analysis: Introduction *Matrix Definitions *Banded Matrix *Trace of a Matrix *Partitioning of a Matrix *Matrix Algebra *Matrix Inversion *Solution of Simultaneous Equations *Conditioning of Matrices *Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors *Problems Flexibility Method: Introduction to Flexibility Method *Flexibility Approach to Structural Problems *Element Flexibility Matrix *Global Flexibility Matrix *Properties of Flexibility Matrix *Flexibility Method *Worked Out Examples *Problems Stiffness Method: Introduction to Stiffness Method *Steps for Stiffness Method *Local & Global Coordinate Systems *Transformation Matrices *Member Stiffness Matrix *Stiffness Transformation *Properties of Stiffness Matrix *Overall Stiffness Matrix *Boundary Conditions *End Actions for Restrained Members *Equivalent Joint Load *Rearrangement of Stiffness and Load Arrays *Calculation of Results *Analysis of Plane Truss *Analysis of Continuous Beam *Analysis of Plane Frame *Analysis of Grid *Analysis of Space Frame *Comparison between flexibility and stiffness methods *Choice of the method of analysis *Problems Computer Analysis of Framed Structures : Computer Programming for Analysis of framed Structures *Computer Input - Output

Damodar Maity :- Damodar Maity, Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Guwahati, Assam.

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