Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials: Principles and Applications, 1/e
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Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials: Principles and Applications, 1/e

Author : Teruo Nakai
© Year : 2012
ISBN : 9780415557269
Pages : 374
Binding : Hardback
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Written by a veteran geotechnical engineer with a long record of research discoveries, Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials: Principles and Applications presents a simple and unified approach to modeling various features of geomaterials in general stress systems. The book discusses the fundamentals of the constitutive modeling of soils and illustrates the application of these models to boundary value problems. Helping readers easily understand the fundamentals and modeling of soil behaviors, the author first explains the ideas and formulations for modeling soil features in one-dimensional conditions. He then extends the one-dimensional models to three-dimensional models using the tij concept. The text covers the subloading tij model and other methods that describe density, bonding, time effect, and more. Moving on to the practical application of the constitutive models, the author presents the numerical simulations of typical geotechnical problems (numerical modeling) and the corresponding model tests (physical modeling). Using a framework that leads to a unified set of material parameters, this book shows how to formulate a constitutive model capable of simulating the main features of soil behavior. It not only covers recent methods and models but also uses real test data to prove their reliability.

Presents a logical framework for modeling soil features
Verifies the models by testing various elements of clay and sand using unified material parameters
Explains the concepts behind the modeling of soil features in one-dimensional conditions
Extends the one-dimensional models to three-dimensional ones via the concept of modified stress tij
Illustrates the numerical simulations/modeling of typical geotechnical problems
Performs model tests/physical modeling corresponding to the numerical modeling

Fundamentals of Conventional Elastoplasticity
Modeling of One-Dimensional Soil Behavior
Ordinary Modeling of Three-Dimensional Soil Behavior
Unified Modeling of Three-Dimensional Soil Behavior Based on the tij Concept
Three-Dimensional Modeling of Various Soil Features Based on the tij Concept
Conclusions of Part 1
Introduction to Numerical and Physical Modeling
Earth Pressure of Retaining Walls and Bearing Capacity of Foundations
Reinforced Soils
Localization and Shear Band Development in Element Tests
Conclusions of Part 2

Teruo Nakai :- Teruo Nakai is a professor at the Nagoya Institute of Technology. He has received several honors, including Best Research Paper Awards from the Japanese Geotechnical Society. He earned a Ph.D. from Kyoto University. His research interests include the testing of geomaterials and their constitutive modeling in general stress systems as well as the application of constitutive models to boundary value problems, such as tunneling, braced excavation, bearing capacity of various foundations, and reinforced soils.

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