Made by Robots: Challenging Architecture at the Large Scale AD, 1/e
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Made by Robots: Challenging Architecture at the Large Scale AD, 1/e

Editor : Fabio Gramazio & Matthias Kohler
© Year : 2014
ISBN : 9781118535486
Pages : 136
Binding : Paperback
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In the next decade or so, the widespread adoption of robotics is set to transform the construction industry: building techniques will become increasingly automated both on- and off-site, dispensing with manual labour and enabling greater cost and operational efficiencies. What unique opportunities, however, does robotics afford beyond operational effectiveness explicitly for the practice of architecture? What is the potential for the serial production of non-standard elements as well as for varied construction processes? In order to scale up and advance the application of robotics, for both prefabrication and on-site construction, there needs to be an understanding of the different capabilities, and these should be considered right from the start of the design and planning process. This issue of AD showcases the findings of the Architecture and Digital Fabrication research module at the ETH Zurich Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, directed by Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler, which explores the possibilities of robotic construction processes for architecture and their large-scale application to the design and construction of high-rise buildings. Together with other contributors, such as Philippe Morel, Neri Oxman, François Roche and Antoine Picon, they also look at the far-reaching transformations starting to occur within automated fabrication: in terms of liberation of labour, entrepreneurship, the changing shape of building sites, in-situ fabrication and, most significantly, design.

Helen Castle
Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler
Visual highlights of the issue
5.Authoring Robotic Processes
Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler and Jan Willmann
6. Integrating Robotic Fabrication in the Design Process
Michael Budig, Jason Lim and Raffael Petrovic
7. Mesh-Mould: Robotically Fabricated Spatial Meshes as Reinforced Concrete Formwork
Norman Hack and Willi Viktor Lauer
8.Robots and Architecture: Experiments, Fiction, Epistemology
Antoine Picon
9. Entrepreneurship in Architectural Robotics: The Simultaneity of Craft, Economics and Design
Jelle Feringa
10. Odico Formwork Robotics
Asbjørn Søndergaard
11. RoboFold and Robots.IO
Gregory Epps
12. Machineous
Andreas Froech
13.ROB Technologies
Tobias Bonwetsch and Ralph Bärtschi
Ryan Luke Johns
15.Computation or Revolution
Philippe Morel
16.Changing Building Sites: Industrialisation and Automation of the Building Process
Thomas Bock and Silke Langenberg
17. In-Situ Fabrication: Mobile Robotic Units on Construction Sites
Volker Helm
18. Towards Robotic Swarm Printing
Neri Oxman, Jorge Duro-Royo, Steven Keating, Ben Peters, Elizabeth Tsai
19. Machines for Rent: Experiments by New-Territories
François Roche and Camille Lacadée
Crisis! What Crisis? Retooling for Mass Markets in the 21st Century
Tom Verebes

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