Redefining Indian Smart & Sustainable Cities
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Redefining Indian Smart & Sustainable Cities

Author : Charanjit S Shah
© Year : 2017
ISBN : 9789385909627
Pages : 406
Binding : Hardback
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The Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi's vision of 100 smart cities needs to be transformed through Indo-Global interventions. This book is an encyclopaedia of studies of various eras of civilization, indicating the innovations in materials, technology and the process of transformation of human settlement. The studies of ethnic, heritage, and sustainable Indian cities - Chandigarh, Jaipur, and global walkable and cyclable cities - London, Paris, and Barcelona, along with the modern smart cities of GIFT, Dholera, and Masdar have been critically analyzed. The author concludes through the detailed study of existing mega city of Delhi to arrive at various parameters helping in redefining Indian sustainable and smart cities of tomorrow.


Redefining Smart & Sustainable Cities, although has been conceived much earlier and has been continually refined over and over, the recent announcement of 100 Smart Cities by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, and the spate of events thereafter, has made the release of the book rather accelerated. It unfolds for its readers the thus-far little-known story about smart cities that have existed since centuries and what the existing cities can learn from them. The author has taken interesting habitat traits and important data points right from prehistoric times to the modern day. Parallels have been drawn from various parts of the globe cutting across time - right from the Stone Age to the modern Digital Age. The authors have critically analyzed and shown that since the problems had the same set of root causes the solutions can also lie among some of the thriving and sustainable modern-day smart cities of the world. In fact, through careful extrapolation of habitat aspects the author has shown that many of the sustainable smart cities today have undergone similar deterioration for at least some time before these cities were restored and made truly smart.
Each chapter weaves into it text and explanations written in a direct and simple manner and is interspersed with interesting pictures, drawings, infographics, and facts and figures directly relevant to the topic under discussion. This makes the book a very engaging and interesting read.


Among many highlights of the book, the following are worth specific mention because of their relative importance to the book's subject:
  • Analyzes four potential Indian smart cities including the capital city of Delhi in a bare bone manner for problems and their cures (other three are Jaipur, Chandigarh and Jamshedpur).
  • Critically reviews three ongoing smart cities - GIFT City, Dholera and Masdar - and provides cues to planners and architects with key takeaways.
  • Discusses all essential habitat factors, including walkability, facilities and services planning, connectivity, proximity to a permanent water source.
  • Extensively refers to three European cities - London, Paris and Barcelona for their success story, in search of critical takeaways
  • Gives a generic blueprint for making tomorrow's cities smart and sustainable in a unique framework comprising "vision", "urbanism", "layers" and "process"

1. Evolution of Human Settlement
1.1 Prehistoric Period
1.2 Mesopotamian Civilization
1.3 Indus Valley Civilization
1.4 Egyptian Civilization
1.5 Greek Civilization
1.6 Roman Civilization
1.7 Industrial Revolution

2.1 City of London
2.2 City of Paris
2.3 Barcelona

3.1 Study
3.2 Issues
3.3 Remedies 

4.1 Chandigarh
4.2 Jaipur

5.1 Jamshedpur Vision 2057

6.1 Chennai Airport Master Planning
6.2 Railway Connectivity between Raipur and Naya Raipur
6.3 Koba Circle Master Planning
7.1 GIFT City
7.2 Dholera
7.3 Masdar

8.1 Government of India's Vision for Indian Smart Cities
8.2 Translating Indian Cities into Sustainable Smart Cities

Charanjit S Shah :- Prof. Charanjit S. Shah, Founder Principal Creative Group, is a practising architect, planner and infrastructure development expert. Besides practising as an architect and urban planner, he is a renowned author, academician, and an educationist. He is a great visionary and has a wide experience of more than four decades. His vision beyond imagination has transformed many of his works as a great piece of art and architecture which also befits as most sustainable projects. He professes that buildings should not be looked upon as a mass of brick and concrete but as a living organism which breathes as is embodied within nature. A multi-faceted personality, Prof. Shah has won many global and national design competitions and his works particularly in Aviation, Railways, City Master Planning, and Institutional Campus Planning have been acclaimed internationally.
He also received CBR Lifetime Achievement Award. As an expert in infrastructure projects, creating Inter-Modal Hubs, Walkable Cities, and Townships, his vision looks beyond net zero campuses. His philosophy, commitment, and dedication towards a holistic approach, lenses through the transparent outcomes of design productivity derived on the basis of socio-economical, cultural, and technological aspects is way forward looking upon the cities as the manifestation of the human settlements. Prof. Shah has already authored four books on architecture and allied subjects. He is a mentor of profession of Architecture  and commands leadership in providing direction to the profession and the society for better human settlement.


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