Automata Theory, Languages of Machines and Computability
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Automata Theory, Languages of Machines and Computability

Author : Shivam Saxena
© Year : 2018
ISBN : 9789386768070
Pages : 326
Binding : Paperback
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The book is all about the automata, formal language theory and computability. Automata theory plays important roles in compilers, text processing, programming languages, hardware designs and artificial intelligence and is the core base of computer science studies. The intent is to make automata theory interesting and challenging and break the myth of being a tough topic. For that matter, topics are covered in an easy to understand manner with the help of elaborative and well descripted examples. For topics which are little complex and fuzzy to understand, strategy adopted is to connect the topic with the everyday problems we encounter, in order to develop a connective understanding of the topic and get a clear view of the topic. Exercise questions are provided with the answers to understand the solution easily.

The prospective audience for the book are computer science engineering students. Computer science scholars and people preparing for competitive exams like GATE, UGC-NET, etc.

  • To understand automata theory, languages of machines and computability in an easier and interesting way.
  • Tough topics are covered in the way that is relatable to daily life which enables the reader to grasp the topic easily.
  • Exercise questions along with the solutions to understand the solutions of the queries.
  • Along with elaborative solved examples, questions from various universities exams; also includes solved GATE and UGC-NET questions.  

  1. Introduction to Theory of Computation
  2. Finite Automata
  3. Finite Automata as Transducers
  4. Regular Expressions and Regular Grammar
  5. Context Free Grammars
  6. Normal Forms of Context Free Grammars
  7. Pushdown Automata
  8. Turing Machines
  9. Hierarchy of Formal Languages and Automata
  10. Introduction to Undecidability
  11. Recursive Function Theory
  12. Computational Complexity and Its Classes
    Solution to Execises

Shivam Saxena :- is a Computer Science Engineer and an academician in the field of theoretical computer science. His main subjects of interest are Computation and complexities, DNA Computing, Quantum computation, NP-Complete problems and their Heuristics, Graph theory and Artificial Intelligence. Currently, he is involved in research for finding Solutions to NP-Complete Problems.  

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Automata Theory, Languages of ...

By : Shivam Saxena

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