Logic Design, 1/e
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Logic Design, 1/e

Author : K. Venkataraju
© Year : 2015
ISBN : 9789384588304
Pages : 452
Binding : Paperback
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Logic Design gives an insight into the analysis and design of combinational and sequential logic systems and explains the concepts of logic circuit design in a lucid manner. It will help the reader build a strong foundation for applying the principles and concepts in real-world digital system design. It contains lot of illustrative examples for easy understanding of the concepts. The book is useful as a text book as well as a reference material for engineering undergraduate students, practising engineers and consultants.

  • Comprehensive coverage of Combinational and Sequential logic circuit design principles and applications
  • Extensive use of truth tables, Karnaugh maps, Quine-McCluskey minimization technique, and map entered variable techniques to simplify Boolean functions
  • Appropriate discussion using concepts of gates, decoders, encoders, adders, subtractors, binary comparators, latches, flip-flops, binary ripple counters, synchronous counters, shift registers, state diagrams and so on
  • Detailed discussion of Mealey and Moore Models using block diagrams
  • About 170 solved examples demonstrated in a step-by-step manner, and more than 100 practice exercise problems at the end of the chapters

1. Principles of Combinational Logic-1
2. Principles of Combinational Logic-2
3. Analysis and Design of Combinational Logic-1
4. Analysis and Design of Combinational Logic-2
5. Sequential Circuits-1
6. Sequential Circuits-2
7. Sequential Design-1
8. Sequential Design-2

K. Venkataraju :- K. Venkataraju is Professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering department, Brindavan College of Engineering, Bangalore. He obtained his Under Graduate Degree from Regional Engineering College (currently NIT), Trichy and Master’s Degree from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. He has three decades of research experience and was elevated as Scientist ‘G’ in DRDO. He has travelled widely and took official assignments in abroad. He was a recipient of Indian Government-DRDO Technology Award in 1995.He has presented his research work in various peer reviewed International and National Conferences. He has delivered invited lectures at many MNCs.

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Logic Design

By : K. Venkataraju

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