Mobile Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms, 1/e
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Mobile Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms, 1/e

Author : Abhirup Khanna & Sarishma
© Year : 2015
ISBN : 9789384588915
Pages : 232
Binding : Paperback
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Price :   35.00

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The amalgamation of two technologies, Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing, has given rise to what we know today as Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC). Mobile Cloud Computing could be seen as a solution to the problems faced by our smartphones by leveraging the concepts of cloud computing. With the vast usage of mobile devices, it is evident that the next paradigm shift after cloud computing would be MCC.
This book is one of its kinds as it covers all aspects of MCC. Some of the leading concepts which this book covers are Mobile Computational Offloading (MCO) and Cloud Assisted Mobile Augmentation (CMA) which helps to overcome the limitations (battery life and computational power) faced by our smartphones. The book lays emphasis on the concept of Cloudlets with which a reader could create his/her own local cloud with the help of his/her mobile device. The book also talks about Live VM migration through which VMs of mobile devices could be migrated from one server to another without causing any glitches in its services.
The book allows a reader to have a deep understanding for MCC and explore its contents according to his/her own endeavors. It serves the purpose of providing adequate knowledge about the fundamentals of MCC to a common reader. It will also help research scholars in doing future research within the scope of this technology.

  • The book develops theoretical and practical foundations of MCC and caters to the recent as well as future aspects.
  • Helps the reader to develop strong understanding of the fundamentals of MCC.
  • Lays emphasis on the concept of Cloudlets to help the reader in creating their own local cloud.
  • Mobile Computational Offloading (MCO), Cloud-assisted Mobile Augmentation (CMA) and Live Virtual Machine (VM) Migration are some of the important concepts covered.

1. Introduction to Mobile Cloud Computing
2. Cloud-assisted Mobile Augmentation
3. Mobile Computation Offloading
4. Cloudlet: Bringing Cloud Closer
5. Resource Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing
6. Live Migration of Virtual Machine
7. Security concerns in Mobile Cloud Computing Index.

Abhirup Khanna :- Abhirup Khanna has done his B.Tech in CSE with specialization in Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. His areas of interest include Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Mobile Cloud Computing. He possesses a knack for research and has written and communicated book chapters and research papers on Cyber Physical Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Live VM migration, MCO and Dynamic Resource Allocation. Abhirup has worked on some of the finest present day technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Openstack and CloudSim. He is also a certified Hadoop developer from Xebia.

Sarishma :- Sarishma has done her in CSE with specialization in Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technologies from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies. Sarishma holds Oracle Certified Java Certification (OCJP) and is a certified Hadoop developer from Xebia. Her research interests include Cloud and Mobile Cloud Computing. She is currently pursuing her projects in the field of Cloud Computing and MCC and has written and communicated papers on Cloud Security, Live VM Migration, Mobile Cloud Computing and Green Cloud Computing. She has worked on some of the latest technologies such as Apache Hadoop and CloudSim.

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Mobile Cloud Computing

By : Abhirup Khanna

Price : 35.00

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