Basics of Computer AidedGeometric DesignAn Algorithmic ApproachThird Edition, 3/e
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Basics of Computer AidedGeometric DesignAn Algorithmic ApproachThird Edition, 3/e

Author : M. Ganesh
© Year : 2018
ISBN : 9789384588410
Pages : 300
Binding : Paperback

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  • About the Book
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  • About the Author

In this third edition of the book, two new chapters have been added (case studies and steps to develop a profile, curve and surface) illustrating the applications of the methods developed in the book and demonstration of the methods to a practical problem. All the earlier chapters of the second edition have been completely rewritten and plenty of examples have been added to enhance understanding. The main aim of the book is to provide a good foundation of computer-aided geometric design (CAGD), the students of undergraduate (according to the US standard) courses in engineering - especially mechanical engineering, computer science, geometric modeling and CAD / CAM. It will also be useful to practicing engineers and professionals working in the aeronautical and space research and in the ship-building; car manufacturing and other areas requiring designing and fabrication of hulls, chassis and other engineering parts on a large scale; telephone set and mobile handset designing; washing machine and TV set designing; designer glassware industry; sport shoe upper designers; and so on. Reflecting the advances that have taken place in the study and applications of CAGD, this book treats not only the theory aspects but also deals with a broad variety of topics relating to the applications. CAGD is becoming a fast growing area, used in all kinds of manufacturing processes involving designing of geometric shapes (such as car chassis, telephones, satellites, missiles, trains etc) and in computer graphics. CAGD cannot be learnt without a sound knowledge of differential geometry. So, the book starts with a study of differential geometry, which is needed for a thorough understanding of CAGD. Since this book has been written mainly as a textbook for the undergraduate students of engineering institutes and colleges, the approach is lucid. Concepts introduced are always illustrated with examples, which are completely worked out. A list of problems is also given at the end of each chapter so that the students can apply their knowledge in solving them and thereby learn more.


  • Theory of Curves
  • Theory of Surfaces
  • Bezier Curves
  • Bezier Surfaces
  • Spline Curves
  • Spline Surfaces
  • Rational B-Spline Curves and Surfaces
  • Certain Assorted Methods
  • Certain Assorted Methods
  • Case Studies
  • Epilogue

M. Ganesh :- M. Ganesh, Ph. D., is a retired Professor of Mathematics from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani, Rajasthan (India). He took his Ph. D. degree from University of Madras in Differential Geometry. He has to his credit several research papers in various research journals. He is the author of two more books, Introduction to Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic and Topology: A Geometric Approach. His research interests include applications of Fuzzy Logic in decision making, computer science, and control theory; computer aided geometric designs; cryptography; and formal methods in program verification.

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