Electrical Systems Design: Data Handbook, 1/e
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Electrical Systems Design: Data Handbook, 1/e

Author : M.K. Giridharan
© Year : 2011
ISBN : 9789380578835
Pages : 116
Binding : Paperback
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With energy resources becoming scarce and costly, and electrical energy being the most sought after form of energy, the designers of electrical systems are faced with the challenge of guaranteeing energy efficiency, quality and scheduling to the satisfaction of the corporate customers. This demands that the electrical systems designers to be more versatile and more effective managers of energy resources. This data handbook is intended to be used as design assistance to the beginners in the field of Electrical Systems design and provides them an easy access to the relevant data required for their design without having to waste their time and energy in searching for the required data to be used in the design problem.
This design data handbook is not intended for specialists in the field, but rather for the students of Electrical Engineering who are just entering the field of electrical systems design. This handbook also does not show the student how to be a designer, but presents in a concise manner the basic reference data to perform the design functions. This handbook can be permitted to be used inside the examination hall as a reference handbook.

Salient Features:

  • Presents the basic reference data to perform the design functions of domestic and commercial electric installations in a comprehensive manner.
  • Gives detailed tables of life of lamps, transformer components, properties of cables, performance data of motors, and so on under widely varying conditions.
  • Various standards have been cited at appropriate places where electrical data is involved.
  • Shows calculations in a step-by-step method. The book uses SI units throughout.

1. SI units and quantities
2. Alpha numeric notation, graphic symbols and colours–NEC 1985 LIGHTING DESIGN
3. Lighting design procedures
4. Recommended levels of illumination–Domestic buildings
5. Recommended levels of illumination–Recreational buildings
6. Recommended levels of illumination–Schoolcolleges
7. Recommended levels of illumination–Office buildings
8. Recommended levels of illumination–Hospitals TYPICAL LAMP DATA
9. Typical lamp data–Incandescent lamps
10. Typical lamp data–Fluorescent lamps
11. Typical lamp data–Compact fluorescent lamps
12. Typical lamp data–Mercury vapour lamps
13. Typical lamp data–Metal Halide lamps
14. Typical lamp data–High pressure sodium vapour lamps
15. Typical lamp data–Pulse start MH lamps
16. Comparison of light sources
17. Effective cavity reflectances–IES Hand book data
18. Flexible house wiring cables
19. Comparative properties of PVC wiring cables
20. Recommended ratings of light and socket points–NEC 1985
21. Recommended number of points in dwelling units–NEC1985
22. Details of socket outlets in domestic buildings–NEC 1985
23. Different types of MCB distribution boards
24. Permissible number of cables in metallic conduits–NEC 1985
25. Performance data of typical exhaust fans
26. Performance data of typical ceiling fans TRANSFORMER SUBSTATIONS
27. Size of cables, earthing and protection of standby generators
28. Sizes of cables and earthing conductors of motors
29. Typical impedance values of 11 kV433 V transformers
30. Maximum rating of a motor that can be connected to a transformer
31. Minimum size of cable and earthing on MV side of transformers
32. Percentage de-rating of transformers supplying non-linear loads
33. Recommended sizes of aluminium busbars for bus trunking
34. Fuse ratings on the secondary side of transformers
35. Overloading capacities of oil filled transformers
36. Overloading capacities of dry type transformers
37. Absolute temperature withstand capacities of insulation classes
38. Correction factors for busbar design
39. De-rating factor for proximity effect
40. Clearances for open and enclosed air insulated busbars
41. Clearances for open outdoor bus bars not exceeding 15 kV
42. Protective measures on transformers
43. Inrush time constants for oil filled transformers
44. Inrush time constants for cast resin type transformers
45. Short circuit current calculation
46. Fault level computation and earthing design CONDUCTORS AND CABLES
47. Properties of ACSR conductors
48. Properties of AAC conductors
49. Regulation constants for 11 kV overhead lines
50. Regulation constants for 415 V overhead lines
51. Cable selection criteria
52. Voltage drops in cables
53. Short circuit rating of cables
54. Properties of 1 core XLPE Aluminium cables
55. Properties of 2 core XLPE Aluminium cables
56. Properties of 3 core XLPE Aluminium cables
57. Properties of
3.5 core XLPE Aluminium cables
58. Properties of 4 core XLPE Aluminium cables
59. Properties of 1 core PVC Aluminium cables
60. Properties of 2 core PVC Aluminium cables
61. Properties of 3 core PVC Aluminium cables
62. Properties of
3.5 core PVC Aluminium cables
63. Properties of 4 core PVC Aluminium cables
64. Properties of 2, 3 and 4 core copper cables
65. Properties of 1.5 mm2 solid copper conductor cables
66. Properties of
2.5 mm2 solid copper conductor cables
67. Properties of 11 kV cables
68. Method of laying the cables
69. Different methods of cable installations
70. Maximum operating temperature of insulating materials
71. De-rating factor k1 for cables
72. De-rating factor k2 for cables
73. De-rating factor k3 for cables
74. De-rating factor k4 for cables
75. De-rating factor k4 for buried cables
76. De-rating factor k5 for cables
77. Current carrying capacities of buried cables
78. Current carrying capacities of unburied cables
79. Properties of submersible flat cables MOTORS
80. Performance data of 3 phase squi

M.K. Giridharan :- is former Dean (Academics) and Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. A life member of Institution of Engineers (India) and Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE), he has served as Professor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at College of Engineering, Trivandrum and as Joint Director (Engineering Consultancy), LBS Centre for Science & Technology, Trivandrum. He has about 48 years of teaching and consultancy experience. His areas of interest include Power System Operations, Electrical Systems Design and Network Analysis. He is currently leading a peaceful retired life in his native town Kannur in Kerala.

Prof S Indulal :- Books in this area are very less and author is really an expert in this field.
We expect a book with advanced topics reg electrical system design from Giridharan Sir.

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