Experiments Based on Analog and Digital Electronics, 1/e
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Experiments Based on Analog and Digital Electronics, 1/e

Author : Geeta Bhatt & Geeta Mongia
© Year : 2012
ISBN : 9789381141724
Pages : 208
Binding : Paperback
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This book covers experiments performed in laboratory at under graduate level. It includes experiment on

  • Semiconductor electronics
  • Operational amplifiers
  • Digital electronics
  • 8085 microprocessor
    Theoretical aspect of each experiment has also been covered for a better understanding of the subject. Special efforts have been made to keep the language simple and straight-forward. The book covers the curriculum of B.Sc and B.Tech. courses.

  • Compilation of 41 experiments, the book is divided into four major units. Unit I experiments are based on semiconductor devices, unit II experiments are based on digital electronics, unit III experiments are based on operational amplifier, and unit IV experiments are on assembly language programing based on the 8085 microprocessor.
  • Each experiment is preceded with an aim, material required, theoretical explanation per se, followed by results, and self-evaluation questions.
  • Each experiment is profusely illustrated with line drawings.
  • Every chapters have a self-evaluation exercise at the end.

    Unit I:
    Exp. 1.1. To study the 1-V characteristics of a p-n junction diode (Forward and Reverse Bias)
    Exp. 1.2. To study the 1-V characteristics of a zener diode and its application as voltage regulator
    Exp. 1.3. Diode clamper and limiter (clipper) circuits
    Exp. 1.4. Designing of power supply using bridge rectifier, capacitor filter and zener diode
    Exp. 1.5. BJT Transistor characteristics of common-base and common-emitter configuration
    Exp. 1.6. To design a single-stage CE. BJT Transistor amplifier
    Exp. 1.7. To Study the V-I characteristics of a FET
    Exp. 1.8. To plot the characteristics of UJT and design a relaxation oscillator
    Exp. 1.9. To plot the V-I characteristics of silicon controlled rectifier.
    Exp. 2.1 Verification of truth table of various logic gates using Ics and Diode Transistor logic (DTL)
    Exp. 2.2 Verify DeMorgan’s theorem. Reduce the given expression using K-map and implement used
    Exp. 2.3 To Verify the truth table of Half Adder, Full Adder and Parllel adder using basic gates and universal gates (NAND, NOR).
    Exp. 2.4 To Verify the truth table of Half Subtractor and Full Subtractor using basic gates (XOR,OR,NOT,AND) and universal gates (NAND, NOR)
    Exp. 2.5 To design a combinational circuit that works as BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Adder
    Exp. 2.6 To design a 2-bit magnitude comparator circuit
    Exp. 2.7 To design a code convertor circuit that converts binary to BCD (Binary Coded Decimal), Gray to Binary
    Exp. 2.8 To Design 2-bit parity Generator
  • Checker Circuit
    Exp. 2.9 To design a astable and monostable multivibrator circuit using 555 Timer
    Exp. 2.10 To verify the truth table of various flip-flop (S-R,D,JK and JK m.s) using universal gates
    Exp. 2.11 To design a four bit shift register busing D-flip flop
    Exp. 2.12 To design a Asynchronous Mod-6, decade counter using flip flop
    Exp. 2.13 To design Mod-6 and Mod-10 (Decade) Sychronous counter.
    Exp. 3.1 To study the DC and AC characteristics of op-amp
    Exp. 3.2 To design Differentiator for a particular gain using Op-Amp 741c
    Exp. 3.3 To study the operational amplifier as inverting and Non-inverting feedback amplifier with verifying gain. Also plot the frequency response of the feedback amplifier
    Exp. 3.4 To study operational amplifier as adder and averaging amplifier
    Exp. 3.5 To design an op-amp integrator circuit
    Exp. 3.6 To design comparator (Schmitt trigger) using op-amp
    Exp. 3.7 To design active filter (Low pass and high pass) using op-amp 741 IC.
    Exp. 4.1 Write a program in assembly language of 8085 microprocessor for addition of N 8-bit hexadecimal numbers without carry
    Exp. 4.2 Addition of two 16-bit hexadecimal numbers.
    Exp. 4.3 Write a program in assembly language of 8085 microprocessor for subtraction of N 8-bit hexadecimal numbers without borrow
    Exp. 4.4 Write a program in assembly language of 8085 microprocessor for Subtraction of N8-bit
  • 16-bit hexadecimal numbers with borrow
    Exp. 4.5 Write a program to multiply two 8-bit numbers by repetitive addition 2 bit rotation
    Exp. 4.6 Write a program to compare N 8-bit numbers and find out the largest
  • smallest number and corresponding memory location
    Exp. 4.7 Write a program to find the summation of n 8-bit natural numbers where result can be 16-b n Y=S N N=0
    Exp. 4.8 Write a program to calculate the average of N 8-bit numbers
    Exp. 4.9 Write a program to calculate the factorial of an 8-bit number (n) and store a 16-bit result
    Exp. 4.10 Write a program for summation of X? where X is a 16-bit number and is 8-bit hexadecimal
    Exp. 4.11 Write a program to generate the terms of arithmetic progression series where a, d, n, are 8-bit hexadecimal numbers and result generate is 1bit
    Exp. 4.12 Write a program to generate the geometric progression series where a and r are 8-bit hexadecimal nu

Geeta Bhatt :- Geeta Bhatt more than fourteen years of experience in teaching in university of Delhi . Her area of Research is Semiconductor thin films. She has several research papers to her credit. She has been teaching courses on operational amplifiers, microprocessors, semiconductor devices, bio-medical instruments. Currently, she is working as an associate professor in Department of Instrumentation at Bhaskaracharya college of Applied Science, University of Delhi.

Geeta Mongia :- Geeta Mongia is presently the Associate Professor, Bhaskaracharya College of applied sciences, University of Delhi, Delhi. She obtained her Ph.D from university of Delhi. Her area of Specialization is optical data storage. She has many publications in nat

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