The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics, 3rd Edition
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The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics, 3rd Edition

© Year : 2018
ISBN : 9788126574308
Pages : 876
Binding : Paperback
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A new edition of the leading textbook on the finite element method, incorporating major advancements and further applications in the field of electromagnetics
The finite element method (FEM) is a powerful simulation technique used to solve boundary-value problems in a variety of engineering circumstances. It has been widely used for analysis of electromagnetic fields in antennas, radar scattering, RF and microwave engineering, high-speed/high-frequency circuits, wireless communication, electromagnetic compatibility, photonics, remote sensing, biomedical engineering, and space exploration.

The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics, Third Edition explains the method's processes and techniques in careful, meticulous prose and covers not only essential finite element method theory, but also its latest developments and applications—giving engineers a methodical way to quickly master this very powerful numerical technique for solving practical, often complicated, electromagnetic problems.

A wider range of applications, including antennas, phased arrays, electric machines, high-frequency circuits, and crystal photonics
The finite element analysis of wave propagation, scattering, and radiation in periodic structures
The time-domain finite element method for analysis of wideband antennas and transient electromagnetic phenomena
Novel domain decomposition techniques for parallel computation and efficient simulation of large-scale problems, such as phased-array antennas and photonic crystals
Along with a great many examples, The Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics is an ideal book for engineering students as well as for professionals in the field.

Preface to the First Edition 
Preface to the Second Edition
1 Basic Electromagnetic Theory
2 Introduction to the Finite Element Method 
3 One-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis 
4 Two-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis 
5 Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis 
6 Variational Principles for Electromagnetics 
7 Eigenvalue Problems: Waveguides and Cavities 
8 Vector Finite Elements 
9 Absorbing Boundary Conditions 
10 Finite Element-Boundary Integral Methods 
11 Finite Element-Eigenfunction Expansion Methods 
12 Finite Element Analysis in the Time Domain 
13 Finite Element Analysis of Periodic Structures 
14 Domain Decompsition for Large-Scale Analysis 
15 Solution of Finite Element Equations 
Appendix A: Basic Vector Identities and Integral Theorems 
Appendix B: The Ritz Procedure for Complex-Valued Problems 
Appendix C: Green's Functions 
Appendix D: Singular Integral Evaluation 
Appendix E: Some Special Functions 

JIAN-MING JIN :- PhD, is Y. T. Lo Chair Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of the Electromagnetics Laboratory and Center for Computational Electromagnetics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He authored Theory and Computation of Electromagnetic Fields (Wiley) and Electromagnetic Analysis and Design in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and coauthored Computation of Special Functions (Wiley) and Finite Element Analysis of Antennas and Arrays (Wiley). A Fellow of the IEEE, he is listed by ISI among the world's most cited authors.

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