Agile Manufacturing: Globalised Customerized Green Products , 1/e
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Agile Manufacturing: Globalised Customerized Green Products , 1/e

Editor : M P Chowdiah
© Year : 2011
ISBN : 9789381141588
Pages : 300
Binding : Hardback
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Agile Manufacturing is a revolutionary approach which opens up a new pathway in designing and implementing manufacturing systems using new and emerging technologies and organizational managements, that is, management, technology, workforce to achieve the goals of competitive advantage. It is a continuous driving enterprise involving a quantum leap in our current thinking about manufacturing systems; development of the needed capability to respond to the demands of highly customized products of high quality. Agile manufacturing calls for integration of management, highly skilled and knowledgeable methods to penetrate highly competitive and dynamic niche market environments to successfully achieve world-class performance, even outperforming the best of competitors. All these requirements are mutually interdependent and hence we need a formidable strategy not only to become agile but also to exploit and dominate that agility. We concurrently need new productive skills and knowledge-enhancing research-based technologies so crucial to support the futuristic manufacturing systems without any traditional barriers that would frustrate profitable deployment of the system.
The present book discusses all the aspects related to agile manufacturing. Broadly it covers its advantages, applications, inputs and outputs, importance, core concepts and certain case studies to prove the point.
This book will be highly useful for industries, engineering students, practising engineers, and people involved in industrial and business management.

  • Discusses both the technology management aspects of agile manufacturing in an integrated manner.
  • Brings in impact of globalization and global best practices appropriately.
  • Lays emphasis on areas like JIT production, concurrent engineering, green engineering, customization and design aspects.
  • Compares and contrasts the old, traditional practices, with new and emerging practices at appropriate places in the book.

  • Products Development - The New Imperative
  • Standardzation - Steps and Prerequisites
  • Globalization of Product Design
  • Manufacturing Competativeness - The New Phase
  • Concurrent Engineering (C.E)
  • Ideal Producton Synchronized Manufacturing etc.
  • Agile Manufacturing
  • Agile Manufacturing - The Advent of A New Frontier
  • Agile Manufacturing - A 21st Century Paradigm
  • Agile Manufacturing Implies Revolutionary Changes
  • Advantages and Applications of Agile Manufacturing
  • Agile Manufacturing Needs Many Inputs
  • Agile Manufacturing Needs Many Outputs
  • Customization
  • Japans Just-In Time Production (Jit)
  • Benefits of Agile Manufacturing - Some Examples
  • How Vital is Resources Effeciency?
  • Green Engineering
  • Globalization Calls for Training of Personal Etc.
  • Several More New Aspects in The Fore
  • Some Successes of Agile Manufacturing in India and Abroad.

M P Chowdiah :- M.P. Chowdiah is Honorary Director, Centre for Agile Manufacturing, (Research and Development), Bangalore University.

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Agile Manufacturing

By : M P Chowdiah

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