Biomechanics, 1/e
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Biomechanics, 1/e

Editor : J. Sahoo , R. K. Saxena , H. C. Das & A.K. Das
© Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789382332862
Pages : 292
Binding : Paperback
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Biomechanics is an interdisciplinary area where the knowledge and methods of mechanics are applied to the structure and function of the living human system. It integrates biological systems by means of mechanical principles for the improvement of performances, prevention and alleviation of injury by qualitative and quantitative analysis.
The aim of this book is to disseminate recent developments in the field of Biomechanical Sciences to the students, researchers, teachers, sports scientists, physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons, to enhance their skills and methodologies for research and development critically and optimally. The book will also help generate a dedicated team of researchers and teachers in Biomechanics to enhance the progress in the basic knowledge, research and facilities, so the resources can be pooled together and duplication of research work can be avoided.
Forty-six articles reflecting almost all areas of biomechanical sciences by eminent scientists and experts on Biomechanics have been presented in the present compendium. It will also pave way for the young scientists for the research for futuristic research work and develop improved methodologies.

  • It contains 46 articles covering a diverse array of researches in various areas of biomechanics like biomechanical analysis of various bones and joints, modeling, ergonomics, implantation, sports-related topics and so on.
  • The focus of the book is on assessment and prevention of injuries and/or palliative biomechanical advices in case of affliction.
  • Every article has an abstract, key words, conclusion and references.
  • The articles are profusely illustrated with photographs and diagrams.

1. Determination of Axial and Transverse Stiffness of Joshi External Stabilizing System by Experimental
2. Ergonomic Evaluation and Economics of Improved Harvesting Technology for Farm Women in Odisha
3. Development of Pulsatile Cardiovascular Flow Simulator and Assessment of Flow Through Stenosed Blood Vessel
4. Mechanical Analysis of Cause Production of Deformities in Case of Perthes’ Disease of Hip
5. Ergonomic Evaluation of Different Length Sweeping Brooms in Indian Women
6. Role of CADCAM for Development of Tailor-made Knee Implant
7. Study of the Biomechanical Performance of Implants used for Fixation of Fractured Trochanter
8. Prediction of Peak Expiratory Flow Associated with Human Respiratory Mechanics Using Spirometric Investigations
9. Biomechanical Significance of Ankle and Foot in Human Life
10. Mechanical Advantages of Curvilinearity of Bones
11. Biomechanical Analysis and Treatment of Congenital Talipes Equino Varus (CTEV)
12. Relationship of Human Gait Speed with Selected Anthropometric Variables Among Indian Adults
13. Development of an EMG Based Smart Functional Electric Stimulator
14. Effect of Vibration on Implant Used for Fracture Fixation of Bone
15. Ergonomic Advice for Physical Exercises to Indian Women During Kitchen Work for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders
16. Modulatory Effects of Lead on Morphology, Mineralogy and Mechanical Properties in Weight Bearing Bones of Rat
17. Solid Model Generation of Knee Joint and Alignment Analysis in Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) in Obese Patient: A Finite Element
18. Biomechanical Analysis of Successful and Unsuccessful Penalty Corner Push-in
19. Using CFD as a Tool for Analysis of Endodontic Irrigation: Maxillary and Mandibular Teeth Cases
20. Study of Shoulder Range of Motion of Tennis Players by Video Motion Analysis and Goniometer
21. Gait Analysis of Ankle Joint Forces Using Force Platform
22. A Study on Working Posture and Musculoskeletal Issues of Indian Medical Laboratory Technicians
23. Study of Pennes Bioheat Equation and Its Application to Cryosurgical Freezing of Tumors
24. A Correlation Study on Fractals Extracted During Fatigue and Non-fatigue Condition with Anthropometric Data
25. Finite Element Analysis of Segmental Cervical Spine Facet Strain and Disc Stress After Total Disc Replacement
26. Forces Analysis of Foot and Ankle During Stance Phase
27. Biomechanical Analysis of Crutch Gait
28. Ergonomic Evaluation of Welders and Crane Operators in Steel Industry
29. Radiographic Image Based Analysis of Trabecular Architecture in Human Femur Bones Using Lacunarity
30. Correlation of Muscle Work with Hand Dexterity in Dental Surgeons
31. Ergonomics and Human Factors at Work
32. Study of Mechanical Characteristic of Femur and Implants Under Different Loading Pattern
33. To Compare Cervical Spine and Glenohumeral Range of Motion & Scapular Stability Between Patients with Levator Scapulae Syndrome (LSS) and Matched Normal Subjects
34. Effect of Fatigue on Hand Dexterity and Reaction Time
35. Modeling of Lung Diseases: A Review
36. Analysis of Breast Thermograms Using Wavelet Based Structural Texture Features
37. Hip Implantation: Modeling & Analysis
38. Autonomic Reactivity Variables of Indian Sportspersons Withdrawn from Power Events
39. Role of Mechanical Factor in Cause Production of Avascular Necrosis of Capital Femoral Epiphysis in Perthes’ Disease of Hip
40. Cricket Ball Impact on Human Brain Simulation Using Finite Element and Impact Biomechanics Methods
41. Verification of the Hagen-Poiseuille Flow in Cardiovascular System of Humans: A Numerical Analysis
42. Study of the Mechanical Behaviour of Tibia Subjected to Complex Loading
43. A Review on Stump-Socket Interface Pressure Distribution
44. Comparison Between Bowling Workload, Strength Ratios and Quality of Life in Fast Bowlers with and without Shoulder Injuries
45. Study of Stress Distribution and Deformation of Tooth and Dental Implant Under Compressive Loading: A 3D Finite Element Analysis
46. ‘pTwisle’: A Pneumatic Twisting Actuatorq

J. Sahoo :- Jagannath Sahoo is Head of Orthopaedics   at IMS & SUM Hospital, Siksha O Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He has done MMS (Honours) and Masters in Surgery in 1978. His fields of specialization are reconstructive surgery, and hand surgery. He has been trained in Biomechanics, Stem Cell Therapy, Nonunion/ Delayed Union Fracture Therapy and Rehabilitation.

A.K. Das :- A. K. Dash, Associated Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technical Education & Research, Siksha O Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

H. C. Das :- H. C. Das, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Technical Education & Research, Siksha O Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

R. K. Saxena :- R K Saxena is a Biomedical Scientist and worked in the field of Biomedical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for about 30 years. He earned his Master's degree in 1970 from the all India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi and obtained his Ph.D. from the Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1990. Dr. Saxena has also served at the hospital Henri Mondor, Paris, France under Indo French Fellowship. He was also awarded British Council International fellowship for Imperial college of Technology & Medicine, London.  

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By : J. Sahoo

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