Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, Revised Edition, 8/e
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Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics, Revised Edition, 8/e

Author : R. Yadav , Sanjay & Rajay
© Year : 2023
ISBN : 9789390620876
Pages : 1096
Binding : Paperback
Dimension : 18 x 24
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Thermodynamics deals with energy interactions between material bodies. It is the science of 3E's, namely, Energy, Entropy and Equilibrium. The applications of its laws and principles are found in all fields of energy technology, notably, in steam, gas and nuclear power plants, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, jet propulsion, refrigeration, air conditioning, compressors, gas dynamics, and direct energy conversion.
Starting with the basic concept, the book discusses the important topics such as basic concepts, heat and work energy, ideal and real gases, zeroth, first and second laws of thermodynamics, entropy and third law, available energy and exergy, gas power cycles, vapour power cycles, general thermodynamic relations, refrigeration cycles, psychrometry, non-reactive mixtures, reactive mixture, chemical equilibrium, direct energy conversion, compressible flows, and heat transfer.
The book is an essential text for BE/ B.Tech for Mechanical Engineering students, UPSC and GATE examinations.

  • A large number of real-life solved problems in each chapter with diagrams.
  • Emphasis on physical explanation of equations
  • Includes unsolved problems, things to think about, short and long theoretical questions, numerical questions, software based questions, design and open-ended questions and multiple answer type questions.
  • Provides brief designs of thermal systems.

  1. Introduction: Basic Concepts, Definitions and Applications
  2. Work and Heat—Energy Interaction
  3. Temperature and Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
  4. Behaviour of Ideal (Perfect) and Real Gases
  5. First Law of Thermodynamics in General and for Non-flow Processes
  6. First Law of Thermodynamics for Flow Process
  7. Second Law of Thermodynamics
  8. Entropy and Third Law of Thermodynamics
  9. Properties of Pure Substance (Steam) and Applications
  10. General Thermodynamic Relations
  11. Availability (Exergy) and Irreversibility
  12. Non-reactive Gas Mixtures
  13. Gas Power Cycles
  14. Vapour Power Cycles
  15. Refrigeration Cycles
  16. Psychrometry
  17. Reactive Mixture (Fuels and Combustion)
  18. Chemical and Phase Equilibrium
  19. Direct Energy Conversion
  20. Compressible Fluid Flow
  21. Heat Transfer

R. Yadav :- (Ramashish Yadav) graduated from Mechanical Engineering from Bhagalpur University in 1965, received master degree from Roorkee University (now IITR), and PhD from IIT Delhi in 1977. He served BIT Sindri Dhanbad for about six months as Assistant Professor (Lecturer) and then joined M.N.R. Engineering (now MNNIT) Allahabad in 1969. There he served as Lecturer, Reader, Professor Dean (Administration) and Professor & Head of Mechanical Engineering Department. He was visiting Assistant Professor in Libya during 1980 to 1983. He served RIT (now NIT) Jamshedpur as Principal for about two years. He served as Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engg. at MNNIT Allahabad for three years. He served as Dean, CET, SHIATS, Naini, Allahabad for about four years and Director General at MIT Moradabad for five years.
He supervised four Ph.D. theses and about thirty-five M.E. theses and authored six books on Thermal Engg. About forty research papers in international and national journals and conferences are to his credit. He attended many international and national conferences and organised for national level conferences. He acted as reviewer in some international and national journals. He is a fellow (life member) of Institution of Engineers (India) and life member of ISTF. His current fields of research are Turbomachinery, Combined Cycle Power Plant, and Energy Converting Systems.

Rajay :- (B. Tech. (IT BHU, now IIT BHU)) is Manager, B.H.E.L., Haridwar.

Sanjay :- (BE, ME, Ph.D) is Professor of Mechanical Engineering, N.I.T., Jamshedpur.

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