Proceedings of International Conference on: Advanced Production and Industrial Engineering -ICAPIE 2016
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Proceedings of International Conference on: Advanced Production and Industrial Engineering -ICAPIE 2016

Editor : Prof. Yogesh Singh , S K Garg , R S Mishra , Ranganath M Singari , Reeta Wattal , Rajiv Chaudhary , Ramesh Chandra Singh , Ramakant Shukla & Vipin
© Year : 2016
ISBN : 9789385909511
Pages : 542
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This volume of proceedings is a collection of research works in six main areas viz. Engineering Materials, Manufacturing Methods, Parametric Optimization, Innovative Design and Analysis, Industrial Engineering, Operations and Management. The chapters published in this volume are research papers selected from International Conference on Advanced Production and Industrial Engineering (ICAPIE 2016), held during 9-10 December 2016, organized by the Department of MPIAE, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India. These papers demonstrate working procedures for conducting experiments, along with the applications of various techniques. With its coverage and focus, this volume will be immensely useful to scientists and academicians of production and industrial engineering. It will also be useful to research scholars of mechanical, production and industrial engineering. Post- and undergraduate students may also refer this book for their research/project works

  1. Fabrication of Porous Aluminium Using Friction Stir Processing
  2. Effect of Friction Stir Welding on the Hardness of Al-6061 T6 Aluminium Alloy
  3. Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanoparticles
  4. Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Polypropylene/Banana Peel Biocomposites
  5. Studies on the Influence of Heat Treatment on Volumetric Wear Rate of Al-25Mg2Si-2Cu4Mn Alloy
  6. Structural and Morphological Characterisation of CdSe/PVAFilm Prepared by Solvothermal Method
7. Synthesis and Characterization of LDPE/NanoTiO2/Starch Based Nanocomposite
8. Study the Effect of Post Coating Treatments on the Erosive WearBehavior of Cr3C2-NiCr DS Coating
9. Synthesis of AlTiCuCoZnMn High Entropy Alloy by MechanicalAlloying and Study of Their Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
10. Interfacial Adhesion Characteristics between Natural Fibres and Polymer Resin: A Review
11. Morphological Characterization of Reinforcement Developed by Mechanical Alloying Process
12.  Fabrication of Al7075/ZrB2  Surface Composite via Friction Stir Processing                    
13.  Fabrication of Mg Alloy/B4C Surface Composite by Friction Stir Processing                                                                                                       
14.  Computational Study of Abrasive Flow Machining Process                                               
15.  Fabrication of AL6061/T6 Surface Composite Using Friction Stir Processing and Its Tensile Properties Characterisation                                               
16.  Hybrid Abrasive Flow Machining Process Models and Their Computer and Industrial Applications    
17.  To Analyse the Effect of Lubrication on Formability Using Square Cup Deep Drawing Test of CRCA Sheet                        
18.  Reuse and Recycling of Slag in Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) and Its Effect on the Mechanical Behavior of Weld Metal                                            
19.  Fricton Stir Welding/Processing of Aluminium Alloy 5083                                       
20.  A Review Article on Microwave Sintering of Ceramics                                            
21.  Preparation and Testing of Low Cost Magnetorheological Fluid (MR Fluid)                
22.  Experimental Study of Effect of Temperature on Lubricating Oil & Grease on Rheometer                                                                           
23.  Study of Semi-metallic and Non-asbestos Brake Pad Material                                    
24.  Effect of SiC Particles on the Tensile Strength and Hardness of E-glass/Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid Composite                                                            
25.  Use of Green Technology(FSP/FSP) for Improving Mechanical Properties of of Mg Alloys                                                              
26.  Study of Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel SS 304 and Mild Steel Welds           
27.  Indirect Electric Arc and Modified Indirect Electric Arc Metal Inert Gas Welding on Mild Steel                                                                          
28.  Distortion Analysis of MIG Welded Al Alloy 6061                                               
29.  A Study on Probe and Shoulder Geometry of Friction Stir Welding Tool                       
30.  Single and Multi Characteristic Optimization of Machining and Material Parameters Using Taguchi and Grey Relational Analysis                          
31.  Optimization of Gas Metal Arc Welding on Different Ferrous Materials Using Taguchi Method                                                                     
32.  Weld Metal Properties Optimization from Flux Ingredients Using Fuzzy logic in SAW                                                                                 
33.  Process Modelling Studies of Electro Discharge Machining (EDM)                                
34.  Optimization of Process Parameters in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining               
35.  Process Parameter Optimization of Die Sinking EDM on Inconel 825 Using Taguchi Quality Approach                                                                            36.  Effects of Process Parameters on Arc Characteristics of Submerged Arc Welding        
37.  Effects of Die Angle and Friction on Tube Drawing Process Using Fem                         
38.  Effects of Process Parameters on Hardness of AL/B4C Surface Nano Composite Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing                                                             
39.  Effect of Process Parameter on Ni Based Cladding Developed by Microwave Hybrid Heating                                                                            
40.  Multi-objective Optimization of Drilling Al 6063 Using Grey-Fuzzy Approach              
41.  Prediction of Weld Bead Parameters for Laser Beam Welding in SS 304 Plates by Ansys and Neural Networks                                                                 
42.  Effect of Process Parameters on Friction Stir Processing of Magnesium Alloys            
43.  Paradigm Shifts in Friction Stir Welding Research: A Critical Review                          
 44.  Lean Manufacturing and Its Relevance in Assembly Line Balancing                              
45.  Grouping of Part/Product Variants Based on Operation Sequence Similarity                
46.  Issues in Sustainable Manufacturing and Analysis of Selected Barriers using
47.  Set-up Time Reduction Through SMED Technique in Vertical Expander in Heat
Exchanger Production Line                                                                          
48.  A Framework of Lean Manufacturing Automation: Value Stream
Mapping Approach                                                                                   
49.  A Comparison of Additive Manufacturing Technologies                                           
50.  Application of Fuzzy Multi-objective Mixed Integer Linear Programming for Aggregate Production Planning Under Uncertainty                            
51.  Evaluation of Efficiency of Health Care Organizations Using Data
Envelopment Analysis                                                                                
52.  Additive Manufacturing: Current Scenario                                                      
53.  Price Game in a Monopoly and Duopoly Competition in Manufacturing Sector           
54.  Influence of Processing Parameters on Thermal Distribution and Microstructure of Friction Stir Welded Magnesium Alloy                                             
55.  Mechanical and Triblogical Characterisation of Mild Steel/B4C Surface Composite Produced by Friction Stir Processing                                                     
56.  Inflight Wear of Aircraft Wings - A Review                                                    
57.  Arc Voltage in Gas Metal Arc Welding: A New Approach                                          
58.  Evolution of Welding Power Source                                                             
59.  Biomaterial Incorporated Polyolefins Nanocomposite: Opportunities in the Automotive Sector                                                             
60.  Identification of Parameters for IT Enabled Supply Chain Performance Measurement System                                                                     
61.  Financial Crisis 2007-10: A Study of Key Drivers and the Lessons Learnt from Indian Economy                                                                  62.  Ranking of Barriers in Implementation of Green Supply Chain Management Using Fuzzy TOPSIS                                                                
63.  Carbon Footprints in a Supply Chain and Green Supply Chain Management              
64.  AHP-TOPSIS Integrated Approach for Third-party Logistics Selection: A Case of Petroleum Gas Sector in India                                       
65.  A Study of Performance of Debt Mutual Funds in India                                           
66.  Lean Manufacturing and Its Optimisation Techniques: A Review                                 
67.  Design, Analysis, Fabrication and Testing of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wing — A Systems Engineering Approach                                                
68.  Design and Analysis of Leaf Springs                                                           
69.  Application of Six Sigma in the Library of Delhi Technological University                    
70.  Sustainable Development of Kalaburagi City by the Use of Alternative Energy Source for Auto Rickshaws                                                                   

Prof. Yogesh Singh :- is the Vice Chancellor of Delhi Technological University. Presently, he is also working as the Director of Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, New Delhi. Prof. Yogesh Singh has excellent track record of quality teaching, innovation and research with ';h' index of 26 and citation index of 2073 as reported by Google scholar. 

Vipin :- Dr. Vipin is currently working as faculty member in Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering). He has more than 20 years of teaching, research and industrial experience. He has taught undergraduate, postgraduate and Research scholars. He has guided a number of dissertations and thesis and published numerous research papers in National and International journals of repute.

R S Mishra :- Currently the Head of the Department, Mechanical, Production & Industrial Engineering and Automobile Engineering, Delhi Technological University. Prof. Mishra is a Doctorate from IIT Delhi in 1986, has made distinguished contribution to the advancement of frontiers of knowledge in the areas of Solar Energy Technology, Power Plant Engineering, New and Renewable Energy Resources and Total Quality Management.

Rajiv Chaudhary :- Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, has done Doctorate from University of Delhi and Post-graduation from MNNIT, Allahabad. He has more than 17 years of experience in academics, research and administration. He is guiding several PhD scholars and has published a good number of papers in international journals and conferences.

Ramakant Shukla :- Librarian, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, has more than 32 years of experience. He has written two books and published a good number of papers in journals and conferences. He is a life member of ILA, IALSIC and ISI.

Ramesh Chandra Singh :- Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, has done Doctorate from University of Delhi and Post-graduation from MNNIT, Allahabad. He has more than 18 years of experience in, teaching and research. He has made contribution in the areas of Design and Production Engineering.  

Ranganath M Singari :- Associate Professor, Department of Production & Industrial Engineering, Delhi Technological University, is a Post-graduate and Doctorate from University of Delhi and has more than 22 years of experience in industry, teaching and research. He has made contributions in the areas of Production Engineering, Metal Cutting, Advanced Machining, Industrial Engineering and Automation. 

Reeta Wattal :- is Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Production & Industrial Engineering and Automobile Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi. She did Doctorate from IIT Delhi in 2007 and has more than 25 years of experience in teaching and research. She has made distinguished contribution in the areas of Welding Technology, Theory of Metal Cutting, Metal Forming and Press Working, and Production Engineering. 

S K Garg :- is Pro Vice Chancellor and Professor in Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering). He is the founder Head of Delhi School of Management, DTU, offering two year full time MBA and Former Head, Department of Training and Placement.

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