Strength of Materials, 1/e
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Strength of Materials, 1/e

Author : R.K. Kaushik
© Year : 2016
ISBN : 9789384588434
Pages : 736
Binding : Paperback
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Price :   45.00

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This book comprehensively covers all the major topics involving application of concepts of strength of materials which a mechanical engineer encounters day to day. Structural and machine elements which come under the purview of this subject and covered in the book are: beams of all kinds; thin and thick cylinders and spherical cells; columns and struts; bars; discs and cylinders; springs; frames; dams; trusses and so on. Solid mechanics parameters covered in the book are all the types of stresses and strains, torsion, bending moments, moments of inertia, centre of gravity, elastic constants, and so on. Various theories of elastic failure have been covered in a focused chapter. A dedicated chapter on mechanical testing of materials will aid students in understanding how strength of materials is determined in laboratory conditions.

  • At the end of the chapters a large number (more than 300) of questions have been given
  • The text is supplemented with line diagrams/pictures profusely so that the students can understand the concepts easily.
  • The topics are discussed in a sequence of gradually increasing level of difficulty, so that it is easier for the students to follow the topics after building appropriate background strongly
  • Relatively difficult topics like principal stresses, theory of failure, bending of curved bars, thick cylinders, strain energy, continuous beams, fixed beams, etc., have been treated with special care to see that material is accessible to all students.

1. Introduction
2. Stress and strains
3. Temperature stress and strain
4. Elastic constants
5. Principal stresses and strains
6. Shearing force and bending moment
7. Centre of gravity
8. Moment of inertia
9. Bending of beams
10. Shear stress in beams
11. Torsion
12. Thin cylindrical and spherical shells
13. Thick cylinders and spheres
14. Deflection of beams
15. Shear energy, impact loading and deflection due to bending
16. Theories of elastic failure
17. Combined stresses (direct, bending, torsion)
18. Fixed beams
19. Continuous beams
20. Springs
21. Columns and struts
22. Bending of curved bars
23. Unsymmetrical bending
24. Rotating discs and cylinders
25. Frame works
26. Dams
27. Riveted joints
28. Welded joints
29. Mechanical testing of materials
30. Miscellaneous solved problems
31. Index.

R.K. Kaushik :- R. K. Kaushik, Ph.D., D.M.E., Gr.I.E (I), M.Tech (Mech), M.I.E (I), he was formerly head of department (Mechanical) at Haryana Institute of Technology. Dr Kaushik has overall 47 years of experience, out of which 28 years were in different departments of ABB Ltd., earlier known as Taylor Instrument Ltd (both MNCs), where he was mostly a manager in its R&D cell. He has 19 years of teaching experience, teaching subjects like Strength of Materials, Mechanical Design and Engineering Mechanics to B. Tech (mechanical engineering) students. Since 2008, he has been teaching at Haryana Institution of Technology, Bahadurgarh. He has also worked as lecturer in Kenya and Botswana for 12 years, teaching at the degree level. He has also been to Switzerland in 2007 briefly on a promotion assignment for an India-based company.

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Strength of Materials

By : R.K. Kaushik

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