System Dynamics: Theory and Case Studies, 2/e
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System Dynamics: Theory and Case Studies, 2/e

Author : B.J. Ranganath & Lewlyn L.R. Rodrigues
© Year : 2012
ISBN : 9789381141182
Pages : 148
Binding : Paperback
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If you are a student of Engineering (any branch), B.Sc./M.Sc, or Business Management (BBM/BBA/MBA) then this book is for you. It will expose you to a subject evolved at Massacheusettes Institutes of Technology, Boston, initiated by the inventor of ';random-access magnetic core memory' - Germeshausen Professor Jay W. Forrester. The book demonstrates how to apply System Dynamics into different problem situations. Each case study is a project work undertaken at the graduate or post graduate level and beyond. Variety of problems from Insurance Sector to Engineering Competence Pool Development and Supply Chain to Product Innovation have been tackled to demonstrate the power of System Dynamics. Further, if the subject fascinates you, you may turn out to be a professional modeller, or even carry out research work in this area at the doctoral level.
The purpose of the book is not to teach you the software of System Dynamics simulation such as Vensim®, iThink™, STELLA™, MATLAB® Simulink etc., but pass you through the stages of System Dynamics model building and simulation. Once the reader gets tuned to this philosophy of System Dynamics, sky is not the limit, as you can simulate the whole cosmos, provided, you know what are the control paramters! So go ahead and enter into the world of System Dynamics.

  • Rooted in the field of engineering/technology management, the book gives a systematic approach to the development of a system dynamics model.
  • Important equations are provided in the appendices, namely, for simulation, insurance sector dynamics, manufacturing supply chain, and innovation dynamics in manufacturing.
  • Profusely illustrated with line diagrams.
  • Each chapter provides learning objects at the beginning, and ends with summary and exercises.
  • Gives appropriate coverage of software of system dynamics simulation such as Vensim, STELLA, MATLAB, Simulink etc.

  • System Dynamics: Introduction
  • Building System Dynamics Model
  • Human Resource Planning Exercise
  • Project Management in New Product Development: The NPD Model
  • National Engineering Competence Pool Development and Deployment
  • Insurance Sector Dynamics
  • Manufacturing Supply Chain Dynamics
  • Innovation Dynamics in Manufacturing
  • Validation of System Dynamics Model

B.J. Ranganath :- Dr. B.J. Ranganath received his PhD in Mechanical Engg. in the area of Manufacturing Engg. from IIT, Madras, Chennai under the guidance of eminent researcher in metal cutting Prof. V.C. Venkatesh. He received his M. Tech (Manufacturing) from Madras University (P.S.G. Coimbatore) and B.E (Mech.) from Mysore University (N.I.E, Mysore). Formerly he was Prof & HOD of Indl and Prodn. Engg at N.I.E, Mysore. Now, he is Professor and H.O.D of Mech. Engg at V.V.I.E.T, Mysore with 38 years of teaching experience.

As an academician and researcher he has more than 150 technical papers published and presented in National and International conferences and journals. He has guided many M. Tech and PhD research projects. He has served in academic bodies of many Indian universities. He has authored six books on different areas of manufacturing engineering.

Lewlyn L.R. Rodrigues :- Dr. Lewlyn L.R. Rodrigues, M.Tech. Ph.D. (MAHE), Prof. Tech. Engg. MAHE, Manipal, Karnataka

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System Dynamics

By : B.J. Ranganath

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