Theory of Machines: Kinematics and Dynamics, 1/e
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Theory of Machines: Kinematics and Dynamics, 1/e

Author : B V R Gupta
© Year : 2010
ISBN : 9789380578705
Pages : 560
Binding : Paperback
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Price :   33.00

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The Theory of Machines is an important subject to mechanical engineering students of both bachelor's and diploma level. One has to understand the basics of kinematics and dynamics of machines before designing and manufacturing any component. The subject material is presented in such a way that an average student can easily understand the concepts. The graphical methods of analysis are given preference over analytical wherever possible though they lack in accuracy but can be performed quickly. Particular care has been taken to draw diagrams to scale correctly. The results are compared with analytical ones wherever possible.
Common doubts that the students have while preparing for the examinations or new faculty in the classrooms have been kept in mind. The same examples are being explained wherever different methods are there instead of giving different examples. The effect of the different parameters on the end result also is shown in the same problem, for example, in cams and governors etc.
In the exercises at the end of each chapter, questions from the question papers of various universities are given under three categories  short answer questions, problems, multiple choice questions. Some of the questions may be seen repeated. One should note that they are being given repeatedly and are important for examination purpose.

Salient Features:

  • Covers both kinematics and dynamics of machines. All units are SI units.
  • Drawing has been employed to explain concepts at appropriate places.
  • Common examples have been used for illustrating different methods, to help understand the differences in methods more clearly.
  • Same problem has been used with change in only one parameter at a time, to help understand the importance of that parameter.
  • Contains units and their values, and important abbreviations, notations and symbols in the beginning of the book.

  • Simple Mechanisms
  • Mechanisms with lower pairs
  • Velocities Accelerations in Mechanisms
  • Inertia Forces in Reciprocating Parts
  • Turning Moment Diagrams and Design of Flywheel
  • Friction
  • Governors
  • Belt, Rope and chain Drives
  • Gyroscope
  • Cams
  • Toothed Gearing
  • Gear Trains
  • Balancing of Rotating Masses
  • Balancing of Reciprocating Masses
  • Longitudinal and Transverse Vibrations
  • Torsional Vibrations.

B V R Gupta :- B.V.R.Gupta did his B.E (Mech) from the Government College of Engineering, Anantapur; ME (Marine Engineering) from Andhra University College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam and Ph.D. from IIT-Madras, F.I.E., M.I.S.T.E. Presently he is Principal of Visakha Institute of Technology and Sciences, Sontyam, Visakhapatnam. Formerly he was Professor and Chairman, Faculty of Engineering, Andhra University College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam, A.P. and served in various capacities for 34 years before superannuation. Later he served as Professor and Head of Mechanical Dept. at ANITS, Visakhapatnam; Principal of Sri Sai Spoorthi Engineering College, Sattupalli, and also Avanthi Institute of Technology and Sciences, Visakhapatnam affiliated to JNTU.

Raja Roy, BE (Mech) from Bapatla Engineering College and ME (CAD/CAM) from Andhra University, is an expert in CAD, web designing and programming. He has designed a portal named for the benefit of students. Presently he is working as Asst. Professor in ANITS, Visakhapatnam since last 4 years.

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Theory of Machines

By : B V R Gupta

Price : 33.00

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