Thermal Engineering
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Thermal Engineering

Author : R N Bahl
© Year : 2017
ISBN : 9789385909290
Pages : 1120
Binding : Paperback
Dimension : 18 X 24
Weight : 1.41   kg
Price :   65.00

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This book on Thermal Engineering covers a wide range of topics, starting from fundamentals of thermodynamics and finishing with thermal engineering applications. It has been written exhaustively to meet the requirements of the syllabi of different universities in this subject for courses of undergraduate students of mechanical, automobile, aeronautical, chemical engineering as well as AMIE (India) Section-B, U.P.S.C. and Indian Engineering Services examinations. The subject is presented in 33 chapters, with each chapter containing review questions at the end.  Consistent use of SI units is maintained throughout the book.

  • Offers complete coverage of both courses—engineering thermodynamics, and applied thermodynamics and thermal engineering.
  • Presents the subject matter in a very systematic and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Helps the beginners' to build up the concept and amplify their understanding of the concepts using the basic knowledge.
  • Each chapter of the book is saturated with much-needed text supported by neat and self-explanatory diagrams to make to make the subject matter self-speaking to a great extent.
  • A large number of solved examples, properly graded, have been added in various chapters.
  • At the end of each chapter, Summary, Glossary and Review Questions have been added to make the book a complete unit in all respects.

  1. Basic concepts of thermodynamics
  2. P-V-T surfaces and properties of ideal gas
  3. Working substance
  4. First law of thermodynamics
  5. The second law of thermodynamics and entropy
  6. Availability and irreversibility
  7. Properties of steam
  8. Steam generators
  9. Boiler mountings and accessories
  10. Boiler draught
  11. Performance of boilers
  12. Fuels and combustions
  13. Ideal gas mixture
  14. Real gases
  15. General thermodynamics relations
  16. Vapour power cycles
  17. Air power cycles
  18. Introduction of steam engines
  19. Steam nozzles
  20. Steam turbines
  21. Condenser and cooling towers
  22. Internal combustion engines
  23. Advance topics of internal combustion

R N Bahl :- has served as a Professor in department of Mechanical Engineering in Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad, Haryana. He is Chartered Engineer with 23 year plus teaching experience at national and international level teaching UG and PG students. He has developed several teaching aids and learning materials for students and has guided several credential projects. Prior to joining teaching he had served for 26 years plus in the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (Army) which contains six years of teaching to junior and senior officers and eight years in industry. During Army he has done two advance courses which has civil equivalent of Master degrees in Mechanical and Automobile Engineering.

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Thermal Engineering

By : R N Bahl

Price : 65.00

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