Laboratory Manual of Food Microbiology, 1/e
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Laboratory Manual of Food Microbiology, 1/e

Author : Neelima Garg , K L Garg & K.G. Mukerji
© Year : 2010
ISBN : 9789380578019
Pages : 208
Binding : Paperback
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Price :   21.00

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Principles of Laboratory Food Microbiology serves as a general laboratory guide for individuals in quality control, quality assurance, sanitation, and food production who need to increase their knowledge and skills in basic and applied food microbiology and food safety. This is a very useful book for food industry personnel with little or no background in microbiology or who need a refresher course in basic microbiological principles and laboratory techniques.
Focusing on basic skill-building throughout, the book provides a review of basic microbiological techniques — media preparation, aseptic techniques, dilution, plating, etc. — followed by analytical methods and advanced tests for food-borne pathogens. It reviews basic microbiology techniques to evaluate the microbiota of various foods and enumerate indicator microorganisms. It emphasize on conventional cultural techniques. It also focuses on procedures for detecting pathogens in food, offering students the opportunity to practice cultural and biochemical methods. The final section discusses beneficial microorganisms and their role in food fermentations, concentrating on lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria and yeast.
It provides an ideal text companion for an undergraduate or graduate laboratory course, offering professors an authoritative frame of reference for their own supplementary materials and to the food processing industry personnel, Government and private organization linked with food processing and microbial quality of the processed product. The book is an essential text for microbiologists working in the food industry, quality assurance personnel and academic researchers.

Salient Features:

  • Contains an introductory chapter on microbiology laboratory orientation, and a final chapter on good manufacturing practice, Codex Alimentarius and HACCP.
  • Has a compilation of 25 experiments on different aspects and techniques of food microbiology.
  • Focuses on procedures for detecting pathogens in food, helping readers to practice cultural and biochemical methods.
  • Has a separate section on beneficial microorganism as well.

1. Microbiology Laboratory Orientation
2. Sterilization and Disinfection
3. Media Preparation
4. Microscope
5. Aseptic Culture Technique
6. Isolating Bacteria: Pure Culture Technique
7. Enumeration of Bacteria
8. Colony Description
9. Microscopic Examination of Living Bacteria
10. Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing
11. Biochemical Tests for Identification of Bacteria
12. Isolation of Moulds
13. Enumeration of Yeasts and Moulds in Foods
14. Microscopic Examination of Moulds
15. Microbiological Examination of various Food Materials
16. Microbial Examination of Canned Foods
17. Water Microbiology
18. Solation and Identification of Common Food Borne Pathogens
19. Microbial Standards for Different Foods and Drinking Water
20. Chemical Food Preservatives
21. Heat Preservation of Microorganisms
22. Disinfectants and Antiseptics
23. Preservation of Microbial Cultures
24. Food Fermentations
25. Good Manufacturing Practice Codex Alimentarius and Haccp
26. Media and Reagents Index

Neelima Garg :- Neelima Garg
Principal Scientists (Microbiology)
Division of Post Harvest Management
Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture

K L Garg :- K L Garg
National Research Laboratyr for Conservation of Cultural Property

K.G. Mukerji :- K.G. Mukerji
Department of Botany
University of Delhi, Delhi-110007

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