Culinary Economics
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Culinary Economics

Author : Y B Mathur
© Year : 2016
ISBN : 9789385909191
Pages : 286
Binding : Hardback
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The market for culinary businesses is burgeoning in geometric progressions each year. Failure of some of the world's best culinary businesses happens due to the poor knowledge and application of culinary economics. Given its all-embracing content, ';Culinary Economics' is a classic textbook for students and practitioners alike with cost management as the essence of this book. The book deals with the systematic examination of various factors of food production economics. It is panoramically sweeping in its content, integrating the critical dimensions of F&B controls, procurement, inventory management and revenue strategy. It highlights the imperative of using audit and internal controls as effective instruments for not only plugging value leaks, but also as a means of enhancing quality and customer satisfaction.
The book logically flows from the macro to the micro of the dynamics of culinary business. Every module provides the conceptual framework of the topic, including its context, criticality and significance, followed by detailed explanations and guidance. The exhibits are an invaluable supplement and ready reckoner, bringing focus to each part of the book.

  • The language and style seamlessly combine with the content and format to render the book an extremely reader-friendly experience.
  • Demonstrates the transformation of the chef in recent years from being a creative artist in the kitchen to that of a smart business manager who is expected to deliver a cost-efficient and profitable food-service business.
  • Will serve as a "go-to" compendium for students, trainers, faculty members, F&B managers, chefs, venture capitalists, consultants, auditors, and controllers in food & beverage, and hotel industry.
  • "Culinary Economics" will be an absorbing journey of discovery and mind expansion, from which the readers will emerge inspired and knowledgeable.
  • Each chapter has been carefully modelled accompanied by exhibits and examples.

Module I                            
The Culinary Business
Module II
Culinary Ingredients
Module III                          
Costs - Core of Culinary Economics
Module IV                         
Menu Engineering-Culinary Business Analytics
Module V
Culinary Materials Management: The Concept
Module VI
Culinary Materials Management: Efficient Management of Purchasing Activities
Module VII
Culinary Materials Management: Selecting the Right Supplier     
Module VIII
Culinary Materials Management: Right Receiving
Module IX
Culinary Materials Management: Efficient Storing, Inventory Management and Right Issuing
Module X
Culinary Materials Management: Economics of Food Production and Food Service           
Module XI
Module XII
Kitchen Stewarding
Module XIII
Objectivity and Subjectivity in Culinary Businesses


Y B Mathur :- Chef Y.B. Mathur is one of India's senior-most chefs.  He retired from ITC Hotels as Senior Executive Chef. He continues to lecture and train management trainees of ITC Hotels at the ITC Hospitality Management Institute. He is the Cookery Skills Expert for World Skills International, a global organization encouraging development of skills, skill competitions, as well as skills-led employment generation. In addition, he is actively involved in the national skills movement, a Government of India initiative, to skill 500 million functionaries in hundreds of skills-related fields by 2022, ?through the National Skills Development Corporation.
Chef Mathur is an alumnus of the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, New Delhi.  He has led a dedicated career, spanning over 43 years.   He has been bestowed with many prestigious national and international awards and accolades.  

Professor Satish Jayaram :- "Each food production exercise documented has been carefully chosen, treated with justice and transformed into a culinary entrepreneur's dream."

K Vaidyanath :- "A comprehensive treatise that addresses the multidimensional challenge of running a profitable food service business."

Ashok Naik :- A great book! This book has it all, F&B controls, procurement, inventory management and revenue strategy, cost management. It's a ready reckoner for all.

Harkiran Sanjeevi :- Menu planning and effective deployment of reasources for maximiziing yield comprises the heart of the book. Must buy for all chefs and students.

Kamana Jobanputra :- It has been a sheer delight to go through this book. Possible only by a chef of the stature of the author who has such a long-standing career in the culinary field.

Nachiket Jain :- The book deals with aspects which every student and budding chef should be aware of. This refreshingly new book by a very well-known chef is here to stay.

Prakash Hathi :- Not too many books are around which deals with cost management in the kitchen. I am sure educators and students will find this book a valuable treasure trove.

Preeti Nair :- I find the detailed exhibits as the most useful and important part of this book. It's an excellent book on hospitality.

Rupa Iyer :- This book is without any peer. It will be difficullt to beat this book. Kudos to the author.

Varsha Naik :- This is an encyclopedia on Culinary Economics!

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Culinary Economics

By : Y B Mathur

Price : 90.00

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