Tourism: Concepts, Theory and Practice
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Tourism: Concepts, Theory and Practice

Author : MR Dileep
© Year : 2018
ISBN : 9789385909672
Pages : 442
Binding : Paperback
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Tourism: Concepts, Theory and Practice
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Tourism: Concepts, Theory and Practice deals with all the fundamental aspects of tourism that are to be learnt by students of tourism, air transport, travel and hospitality disciplines. It gives an insight into the concept of tourism from different perspectives, various types of tourism, travel motivation and demand, industrial elements of tourism, destination and its elements, various organizations functioning in tourism, planning and development of tourism, and its benefits and impacts. Moreover, various aspects of sustainable tourism, ecotourism and responsible tourism are also included. An introduction to marketing and information technology applications in tourism is also given. The book concludes with a discussion on current status of tourism, contemporary issues in tourism and the future prospects. This book with detailed information on tourism principles, policies and practices, will prove to be an essential learning tool for all those pursuing a career in any sector of tourism.

  • Discusses planning along with the policy aspects; concepts of tourism product and marketing mix; economy aspects along with multiplier effect; motivation theories in tourism; tourism and transport and their complex relationship.
  • Conceptualizes all the major types of tourism, from regional, national and international perspectives. Assesses various aspects associated with globalization and its influence on tourism.
  • Examines various statistics/metrics that are measured in the parlance of tourism nationally and internationally and discusses destination as the ';raison d'être' of tourism along with attractions and attractiveness.
  • Emphasizes the negative impacts of tourism on society, nature, culture and economy. Analyzes ways to ameliorate the consequences of the haphazard development of tourism.
  • Covers topics like sustainable tourism, ecotourism, responsible tourism, and integration of information technology in tourism. 
  • Uses examples profusely, from organizations in India and the world.
  • Includes, along with textual explanations, necessary statistics, graphs and figures.
  • Learning outcomes, summary, and keywords in each chapter.
  • Sample questions—both short and long answer types—at the end of each chapter.

  1. Introduction to Tourism
  2. Tourism Classification
  3. Tourism Motivation and Demand
  4. Tourism Industry
  5. Transport and Tourism
  6. Tourist Destination
  7. Tourism Organizations
  8. National Tourism Organisations: India
  9. Tourism Planning
  10. Benefits of Tourism
  11. Impacts of Tourism
  12. Sustainable Tourism
  13. Ecotourism and Responsible Tourism
  14. Tourism Marketing
  15. Tourism Information Technology
  16. Future of tourism

MR Dileep :- is a prominent academician, author and columnist on tourism. Having qualifications including M.T.A, MPhil, PhD and IATA Diplomas (Air Transport and Cargo); his work experience includes; faculty, major head and system wide coordinator with the Ministry of Higher Education (CAS Salalah), Sultanate of Oman; HoD of Tourism at Kerala Institute of Tourism and Travel Studies (KITTS); and senior lecturer at Pazhassi Raja College (Calicut University), Pulpally, Kerala. Dr Dileep is a recipient of 'Indira Gandhi Gold Award' of GEPRA and an expert contributor in the ';Encyclopedia of Tourism' (Springer, New York). Among the four, two of his books, Information Systems in Tourism and New Age Tourism-Neo-Colonial Impulses (in Malayalam), are widely used, and some of his papers have been published in reputed journals including Tourism Recreation Research and APJTR.

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By : MR Dileep

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