SOARING HIGH: A Biography of Dr. V.K Aatre
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SOARING HIGH: A Biography of Dr. V.K Aatre

Author : W Selvamurthy & K Divyananda
© Year : 2005
ISBN : 9788188237241
Pages : 276
Binding : Paperback
Weight : 0.50   kg

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Dr. Vasudev K. Aatre  reached the highest position in the Defence Research and Development Organisation due to his outstanding contributions in many spheres of defence technologies. Hailing from a family of high traditions and values, he was  brought up in an atmosphere conducive for his holistic development. He had a brilliant academic record and meritorious career in India and abroad. He had the opportunity to have his research orientation in premier institutes like Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bangalore as well as NovaScotia at Halifax, Canada. He  made outstanding R&D contributions in his capacity as  Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri for five years. During this period, he gave new impetus to R&D programmes of national importance such as development of Light Combat Aircraft (TEJAS), Kaveri Engine for LCA, Electronic Warfare, Main Battle Tank (MBT) Arjun and Missiles.

Sagardhwani is an appropriate tribute to a great scientist of the Nation, Dr. Vasudev K. Aatre who has set the DHWANI, a keynote for research in the field of Under Water System SONARS and Torpedoes in the country. He was instrumental in the development of oceanographic ship ';Sagardhwani' for oceanographic research.
Dr. Aatre has a unique personality, which is easy to admire and difficult to emulate. A man of powerful expressions and oratory skills, he was able to convince the political leadership, bureaucrats and scientific fraternity to achieve the high goals he had set for himself and the DRDO during his tenure as head of DRDO.
As a compilation of his brief biography and impressions of his colleagues and friends, who have closely interacted with him for several years, this book is a humble tribute to this great scientist.
This biographical sketch will serve as a role model for young scientists as well as other young students who are inspired to serve the nation.

W Selvamurthy :- Chief Controller (Research & Development), Defence Research & Development Organisation, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.

K Divyananda :- Defence Research & Development Organization,Ministry of Defence. 

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