The Future of Post-Human Oneirology
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The Future of Post-Human Oneirology

Author : Peter Baofu
© Year : 2016
ISBN : 9789384588885
Pages : 662
Binding : Hardback
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Are dreams really so non-functional that Owen Flanagan (2001) once suggested that "dreams are evolutionary epiphenomena"? (WK 2014; S. Blackmore 2004). This epiphenomenal view on dreams can be contrasted with an opposing view by Sigmund Freud, who speculatively reinterpreted dreams as the "royal road to the unconscious." (WK 2014) Contrary to these opposing views (and other ones as will be discussed in the book), oneirology (in relation to illusion and reality in dream analysis) is neither possible (or impossible) nor desirable (or undesirable) to the extent that the respective ideologues (on different sides) would like us to believe. But this questioning of different opposing views on dream analysis does not mean that oneirology is worthless, or that those diverse fields (related to oneirology)—like neurobiology, psychoanalysis, dream analysis, cognitive science, physiology, religion, anthropology, ontology, the art, literature, popular culture, psychiatry, neurology, evolutionary biology, psychotherapy, and so on—should be ignored. (WK 2014) Indeed, neither of these extreme views is plausible. This book offers an alternative (better) way to understand the future of oneirology in regard to the dialectic relationship between illusin and reality in dream analysis—while learning from different approaches in the literature but without favoring any one of them (nor integrating them, since they are not necessarily compatible with each other). More specifically, this book offers a new theory (that is, the interperspectival theory of dreams) to go beyond the existing approaches in a novel way and is organized in four chapters. This seminal project here will fundamentally change the way that we think about illusion and reality (especially, though not solely, in the context of dream studies), together with other debates as will be discussed in the rest of the book, from the combined perspectives of the mind, nature, society, and culture, with enormous implications for the human future and what I originally called its "post-human" fate.

  • Gives a cogent summary of the background of Oneirology and its diverse aspects.
  • Synthesizes the new The Interpespectival Theory of Dreams.
  • Explores the dialectic contexts of Illusion and Reality from the combined view-points of mind, nature, society and culture.
  • Propounds 39 theses on Future of Oneirology, categorized according to their relation to method, structure, process, agency and outcome.

Part One: Introduction
1. Introduction—The Enigma of Dreams
Part Two: Illusion
2. Illusion and its Doubleness
Part Three: Reality
3. Reality and its Dualness
Part Four: Conclusion
4. Conclusion—The Future of Oneirology

Peter Baofu :- Peter Baofu is the author of 78 new theories in 76 books (as of early 2015), all of which provide a visionary challenge to conventional wisdom in all fields of knowledge (i.e., the social sciences, the formal sciences, the natural sciences, and the humanities), with the aim for a unified theory of everything -- together with numerous visions of the mind, nature, society, and culture in future history. As a polymath, he is known for his pioneering works in the areas of formal sciences, social sciences, natural sciences, and the humanities. Dr. Baofu earned an entry into the list of “prominent and emerging writers” in Contemporary Authors (2005) and another honorary entry in The Writers Directory (2007)—and was also interviewed on television and in newspapers about his original ideas. He was a U.S. Fulbright Scholar in the Far East and has taught as a Professor at different universities in Western Europe, the Caucasus, the Middle East, the Balkans, Central Asia, South Asia, North America, and Southeast Asia. He received more than 5 academic degrees, including a Ph.D. from the world-renowned M.I.T., and was a summa cum laude graduate.

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The Future of Post-Human ...

By : Peter Baofu

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