Crop Improvement in the Era of Climate Change, 1/e
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Crop Improvement in the Era of Climate Change, 1/e

Editor : Rajib Roychowdhury
© Year : 2014
ISBN : 9789382332619
Pages : 510
Binding : Hardback
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This book incorporates fast-moving research themes based on agricultural crop improvement and ongoing climate change in the present scenario. As time is going now, natural and cultivated habitats of crop plant are continuously disturbed; as a result, crop productivity and crop biology are affected continuously by climate change patterns like environmental hazards, abiotic stresses (water scarcity, salinity, heavy metals, oxidants, etc.), global warming, and others. This book is aimed at the overall crop improvement, beyond such kind of barriers, by agricultural processes, soil reclamation, fertilizer and biofertilizer applications, organic farming, hybridization and breeding programme, biotechnological approaches including genetic engineering, transgenesis and tissue culture, different ‘omic’ technologies. Thus, it covers a wide range of topics under environmental challenges, agronomy and agriculture processes, and biotechnological approaches. Chapters in this book are contributed by expert scientists, researchers, and academicians, from around the world who have worked on the challenging problem of achieving crop improvement in the variable environment. Every chapters deals with the theoretical as well as applied aspects of the concerned topics. This book will be especially useful to scientists and researchers engaged in crop production, crop improvement, plant breeder, agronomy, agricultural processes and biotechnology. It also deals with general concepts of climate change and environmental hazards. It will also be a valuable book for the graduate and postgraduate students specializing in crop science, plant biology, plant breeding, environmental science and biotechnology.

  • Covers a wide range of topics under present-day environmental challenges, agronomy and agriculture processes, and biotechnological approaches, spread across 19 chapters.
  • Focuses on broad research area related to crop improvement aspects in this changing climate.
  • Compiled on the basis of five major themes, namely, Environmental Challenges to Crop Improvement, Agronomy and Agricultural Processes for Improving Crops, Biotechnological Approaches to Crop Improvement, and Implications of Advanced Technologies to Improve Demanding Crops in Changing Climate.
  • Each chapter deals with the theoretical as well as applied aspects of these themes.
  • Contributed by 46 eminent researchers and academicians not only from India but also from a few other parts of the globe.

Part A: Environmental Changes to Crop Improvement
1. An overview of climate change: causes, trends and implications Subhankar Chakraborty, Anindya Pattanayak, Subhrajyoti Mandal, Mridul Das and Rajib Roychowdhury
2. Environmental hazards and crop cultivation Papiya Mitra Mazumder and Ashish Kumar
3. Response of plants to oxidative stress Meghana Agrawal and Smita Purohit
4. Metal toxicity and tolerance in plants Gh Mohd Rather, Athar Ali Khan and Mohammad Imran Kozgar Part B: Agronomy and Agricultural Process for Improving Crops
5. Soil salinity: mitigation strategies for crop improvements under global climatic conditions Mohd Mazid, Taqi Ahmed Khan and Saima Quddusi
6. Implications and ways to enhance nutrient use efficiency under changing climate Kannan Pandian, Paramasivam Arunachalam and Mahalingam Govindaraj
7. Crop diversification and conservation agriculture towards sustainable crop improvement in global scenario Ashim Chakravorty and Parthadeb Ghosh
8. Contingency crop planning for aberrant weather situations Ayon Alipatra, Hirak Banerjee and Krishnendu Ray
9. Effects of climate change on crops: food Security and Biotechnology Mohd Mazid, Taqi Ahmed Khan and Saima Quddusi Part C: Biotechnological Approaches to Crop Improvement
10. Crop hybridization in the era of climate change Shilpi Paul and Shrilekha Misra
11. Plant breeding tools and techniques for crop improvement programme: A conventional and modern approach Viralkumar Bhikhalal Mandaliya and Vrinda Someshwar Thaker
12. Molecular marker-assisted technologies for crop improvement Rajib Roychowdhury, Abdelmoumen Taoutaou, Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Mohamed Ragab Abdel Gawwad and Jagatpati Tah
13. ‘Omics’: Technique in modern agriculture for crop improvement Rajni Shukla, Arvind K. Shukla and Yogesh K. Sharma
14. Transgenesis via genetic engineering: A crop improvemental approach Ashok Kumar
15. Tissue culture technology for crop improvement in the challenging environment Maya Kumari and Ramesh Namdeo Pudake
16. Tailoring of abiotic stress adaptive traits to diminish the effect of changing climate on crop productivity Paramasivam Arunachalam, Mahalingam Govindaraj, Kannan Pandian and Natarajan Sritharan Part D: Implications of Advanced Technologies to Improve Demanding Crops in Changing Climate
17. Improvement of melon fruits using biotechnological strategies for the changing climatic conditions of the 21st century Rubaiyat Sharmin Sultana and Md. Mahabubur Rahman
18. Conventional breeding and biotechnological approaches in biodiesel crops for crop improvement in the era of climate change Dharman Dhakshanamoorthy and Radhakrishnan Selvaraj
19. Functional genomics and bioinformatics approach to understand regulation of abiotic stress in cereal crops Mousumi Sahu, Budheswar Dehury, Mahendra K Modi and Madhumita Barooah

Rajib Roychowdhury :- Rajib Roychowdhury, Researcher, Dept. of Biotechnology, Visva-Bharati Santiniketan, West Bengal

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