Introduction to Genetic Engineering of Crop Plants: Aims and Achievements, 1/e
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Introduction to Genetic Engineering of Crop Plants: Aims and Achievements, 1/e

Author : A. Rashid
© Year : 2009
ISBN : 9789380026169
Pages : 260
Binding : Paperback
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Transgene technology since its inception, about two decades ago, has progressed rapidly providing platform for discovery, product design and novel plants which are improved source of food, feed, chemicals and drugs. This knowledge is changing rapidly by which plants develop their architecture to survive, abiotic and biotic stress, and become resistant to herbicides, pests and pathogens. Also the scene is set for a change from traditional farming to molecular farming. Moreover, gene silencing from a bane has turned out to be a boon, opening new vistas in genetic engineering of crop plants. In this book one can find an up-to-date account of aims and achievements of genetic engineering of crop plants. This book will useful for the undergraduate students of Botany, Biotechnology and Agriculture.

  • This book covers in detail the various aspects and aims and achievements of genetic engineering of crop plants.
  • A chapter on gene silencing is a special feature of the book.
  • The subject matter is first introduced before delving into the topics in detail, and ends with a conclusion summing up the discussion.

  • Introduction
  • Agrobacterium: Genetic Engineer in Nature
  • Direct Delivery of DNA for Transformation
  • Engineering for Herbicide Resistance
  • Engineering Resistance to Pests and Pathogens
  • Engineering for Stress Tolerance
  • Engineering of Primary and Secondary Metabolism
  • Molecular Farming
  • Engineering of Plant Development and Differentiation
  • Gene Silencing: From Bane to Boon
  • Index

A. Rashid :- Ph.D., received his degree from University of Delhi in 1968. Since then he has been a member of faculty, associated with teaching of plant physiology and biotechnology, till his superannuation in 2005. Dr Rashid was awarded British council Post-doctoral Research Fellowship (1972-74) to work on cell physiology of Leicester (UK). 

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