Organic Farming and Mycorrhizae in Agriculture, 1/e
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Organic Farming and Mycorrhizae in Agriculture, 1/e

Editor : P C Trivedi
© Year : 2008
ISBN : 9788188237630
Pages : 300
Binding : Hardback
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Organic farming is a technique of producing crops, in which the use of synthetic and chemical inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives is avoided. To reduce the harm caused by indiscriminate use of synthetic chemicals, organic materials such as farm manure, compost, vermicompost, biofertiliser, biopesticide and so on, can be used, at least as complement, if not as substitute. The present book incorporates articles on organic farming, biofertilisers, PGPR bioinoculant, role of mycorrhizae in agriculture, biopesticides, VAM biotechnology and economics of bio-inputs usage in agriculture.

  • Organic farming topics included are prospects and applications, composting technology, potentiality of bio-fertilizers, PGPR bio-inoculant as an input, and Azolla.
  • Topics on mycorrhiza topics include mass multiplication of G. fasciculatum, VAM biotechnology, current trends and future prospects, VAM review, mycorrhizal fungi in sustainable agriculture, AM fungi in some medicinal plants, mycorrhizal associations in Pteridophytes, and so on
  • Agricultural topics included are economics of bio-inputs usage, dry-land agricultural strategies, agricultural biodiversity, and use of bio-pesticides.

  • Organic farming: Prospects and applications
  • Composting technology for organic farming
  • Azolla for sustainable crop production
  • Potentiality of biofertilizer and organic farming in bast fibre crops
  • Role of organic farming in sustainable agriculture
  • PGPR bioinoculant as input in organic farming
  • A study of economics of bio-inputs usage in agriculture in Tamil Nadu
  • Strategy for the development of dry land agriculture
  • Mycorrhizal fungi: A boon for sustainable agriculture
  • Biopesticides and their importance in sustainable agriculture
  • Agricultural biodiversity and its potential use in India
  • Association of AM Fungi in some medicinal plants and its influence on growth
  • Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae: A review
  • VAM biotechnology: Current trends and future prospects
  • Mass multiplication of G. fasciculatum
  • Management of AM-fungi in peanut (Arachis Hypogoea)
  • Mycorrhizal Association in Pteridophytes
  • Impact of conventional agricultural practice and agrochemicals on AM in agricultural field

P C Trivedi :- P C Trivedi has over three decades of teaching and research experience in the University of Rajasthan, India. Having published 170 research and review papers in national and international journals, he has also earned the distinction of completing 18 research projects successfully. He has an avid interest in the areas of Plant Nematology, Medicinal Plants and Ethnobotany. 

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Organic Farming and ...

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