Plant Nematology, 1/e
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Plant Nematology, 1/e

Author : N.G. Ravichandra
© Year : 2008
ISBN : 9788189866617
Pages : 718
Binding : Paperback
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Price :   41.00

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  • About the Book
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Plant Nematology has been designed as per the guidelines provided by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. This book gives a comprehensive account of various aspects of Phytonematology, including both basic and applied, along with illustrations and descriptions. Fundamentals of sampling, different techniques in Nematology, traditional and molecular taxonomy, nematode anatomy and morphology, interaction with fungi, bacteria, viruses, mycorrhiza, and rhizobia, most common plant-pathogenic genera, historical accomplishments, biology and ecological details along with entomopathogenic nematodes, physiological and molecular Nematology are some of the major fields covered in this book. A detailed glossary of Nematological terms and diversified aspects of nematode management have also been furnished

Salient Features:

  • This is a complete treatise on nematodes including historical development, morphology & anatomy, taxonomy, biology & ecology, host-pathogen interaction, crop damage, common diseases, nematode management, and so on.
  • Information on entomopathogenic nematodes and physiological and molecular nematology are special highlights of the book.
  • Includes a glossary of nematological terms and diversified aspects on nematode management at the end of the text.
  • Profusely illustrated with pictures and diagrams.

  • Introduction
  • Economic Importance and Crop Losses
  • Historical Developments in Nematology
  • Morphology and Anatomy of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
  • Taxonomy of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
  • Biology and Ecology of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
  • Plant-Nematode Interaction
  • Nematode Parasitism
  • Symptoms of Nematode Injury to Plants
  • Interaction of Nematodes with other Microorganisms
  • Important Genera of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
  • Common Names of Nematodes
  • Nematode Diseases of Crop Plants
  • Physiological and Molecular Nematology
  • Entomopathogenic Nematodes
  • Methods and Techniques in Nematology
  • Nematode Management
  • Glossary of Nematological Terms
  • Selected References
  • Index

N.G. Ravichandra :- N.G. Ravichandra completed his M.Sc. (Agri.) from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, in 1983. He obtained his Ph.D. in Nematology from the same University in 1988. He is working as a Nematologist under AICRP (Nematodes) in the department of Plant Pathology, USAS, GKVK, Bangalore.
N.G. Ravichandra is teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has published about 92 research papers in journals of national and international repute on various aspects of plant-parasitic nematodes, including chapters in several books.

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Plant Nematology

By : N.G. Ravichandra

Price : 41.00

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