Potential Microorganisms for Sustainable Agriculture: A Techno-Commercial Perspective , 1/e
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Potential Microorganisms for Sustainable Agriculture: A Techno-Commercial Perspective , 1/e

Editor : D K Maheshwari & R C Dubey
© Year : 2008
ISBN : 9788190746205
Pages : 500
Binding : Hardback
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The number of potential microbes exploited commercially is scanty irrespective of their high number present in the diverse habitats. In recent years, they have shown successfulness in multifarious areas such as production of industrially viable products, organic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, recovery of metals, improvement and maintenance of environmental quality, and insect and pest control. The Twenty-three articles included here fall under three broad categories, namely, agricultural microbiology, industrial microbiology and bioremediation. The psychrophiles hold many biological secrets such as biochemical limits to macromolecular stability and the blueprints for constructing the stable macromolecules. Lactic acid bacteria are known for their role in the preparation of fermented dairy products. Potential strains for production of lactic acid with emphasis on its fermentation, economics and systematics have been dealt with in greater detail. Biotechnological applications of pectinases in general and alkaline pectinases in particular play an important role in industry. Production, characteristics and applications of microbial alkaline pectinolytic enzymes have been elaborated. Production of ergot alkaloids thrives a novel knowledge. Now-a-days, semi-synthetic ergot alkaloids are widely used as a potential therapeutic agent. Microbial production of glucans, functional organization and their industrial significance have been systematically reviewed. Bioactive exopolysaccharides from mushrooms have gained importance in recent years. Production and characterization of exopolysaccharides and conversion of unsaturated fatty acids into value-added hydroxyl fatty acids by using microorganisms are used in a wide range of industrial products. Enhancing the microbial production of 1,3-propanidial and its application highlights the commercial exploitation of potential microorganisms. Aldehyde and organic acid production by using oxydases and their derivatives advantageous role in industry. Some chapters are devoted to the potential entomopathogenic fungi for management of insect pests, biotechnological applications of fusaria, microbial metabolite-mediated biocontrol of soil-borne plant pathogens, bioremediation of heavy metals, organochlorine and organophosphate pesticides. Bioinoculants apart from being eco-friendly are being used, but reviewers have emphasized the constraints in commercial bioinoculant production and their quality assurance. All the articles of this volume depict the role of microorganisms in agricultural industries. The exploitation of such beneficial microorganisms may improve agricultural systems with economically sound production of human food and animal feed. This volume will certainly help the PG and research students of agricultural microbiology and biotechnology.

Salient Features:

  • A compilation of 23 articles, the book presents a multi-perspective view on evaluation, production, techno-modifiication and use of a variety of microorganisms in sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Biological control, use of biofertilizers, plant growth, the management of parasites, symbiotic relationships, and biology of some useful microorganisms are the focus of the book.
  • Contributed by 75 eminent scientists and academicians.

  • Coinoculation of PGPR for Plant Growth Promotion and Disease Control
  • PGPR-Biotechnology for Management of Abiotic and Biotic Stresses in Crop Plants
  • Nature and Applications of Bacillus Species for Improving Plant Growth
  • Biofertilizers for Sustainability, Agroresources and Technology
  • Biodiversity of Plant Pathogenic Fusarium Species
  • Biocontrol of Soil-Borne Phytopathogens by Fluorescent Pseudomonads as a Sustainable Alternative to Agrochemicals
  • Biological Control : Alternative Paradigms for Commercialization
  • Screening, Evaluation and Formulation of Delivery Systems for Biocontrol Agents
  • Molecular Basis of Plant Growth Promotion and Biocontrol Activities of Rhizobacteria
  • Rhizospheric Competent Microorganisms in Biological Control of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
  • Recent Advances in Biotechnology of Beauveria Bassiana : A Mycopesticide Against Insect Pests
  • Endophytic Fungi and Their Role in Biological Control and Plant Growth Promotion
  • Microorganism-Mediated Management of Plant Pathogens
  • Retrospects and Prospects of Tomato Leaf Curl Virus Research in India
  • Biotechnological Application of Mircoorganisms in the Management of Viral Diseases of Crops
  • Trichoderma : Biology and Biotechnology
  • Trichoderma : A Potential Biocontrol Agent for Biopesticide Industries
  • Potential of Trichoderma for Biocontrol and its Mass Production
  • Rhizomediation in Soil for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Strategy to Improve Ruminant Productivity Through Direct-Fed Microbials
  • Tripartite Symbiotic Association : Legume-Rhizobia-Mycorrhiza
  • Agrobacterium as Natural Tool for Plant Genetic Engineering
  • Coastal and Dune Vegetation and Microbial Resources : Benefits, Threats and Safeguards
  • Index

D K Maheshwari :- D.K. Maheshwari, Department of Botany & Mircobiology, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar-249 404 (India)
R C Dubey :- Department of Botany & Microbiology earned M. Sc. and Ph. D. degrees from the Banaras Hindus University in 1981 and 1986, respectively. He served Kumaun University (Nainital) as lecturer from 1987 to 1996; thereafter, he joined Gurukul Kangri University (Haridwar) in 1996. 

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